Most interesting cars at WO


Rachel Ives

Some cars turn heads because they look modern, expensive, and simply put, awesome.  If a new Range Rover drove by, many WO students would look and drool.  Some cars, on the other hand, turn heads for other reasons.  The WO student parking lot has a wide array of interesting and unique cars that don’t necessarily require one to empty their bank account.

Jake Stryker, 1986 Buick Park Avenue



  Stryker’s Buick has been in his family for a long time: 30 years, to be exact.  His great grandmother, Betty, owned this car while she was alive.  Then, it was passed on to her great grandson.  This Park Avenue’s pink/beige color is one of a kind, and the 17 bumper stickers really add character.

Brandon Pohl, 1984 Dodge Daytona Turbo Z



Pohl’s choice in cars also runs in the family.  Pohl’s dad drove the same model when he was in high school.  Thankfully for Pohl, his car is in much better condition.  This Daytona Turbo Z is a manual, which is becoming increasingly rare these days.  Calling shotgun is extra important when getting a ride from Pohl, because the back seats have very little leg-room.  Pohl’s car also comes with a surprise; it has a hatchback.  Pohl intends to buy the car from his dad when he graduates.

Riley Veldheer, 1989 Ford Bronco



  Unlike many high school students, Veldheer bought his truck himself.  It had all of the original parts for a while before he added a lift and bigger tires.  The most striking feature about Veldheer’s truck is the blue paint, which is not the original color.  Veldheer has put a lot of effort into making his truck exactly how he wants it, and he makes these changes himself, which requires a lot of talent.

Otto Dryfhout, 1975 El Camino



  Dryfhout’s El Camino is very important to him. He got it by chance when his dad, who is a truck driver, was picking up a few loads in South Carolina.  He made the decision to buy the El Camino while there, and managed to fit it on the trailer with the other loads.  Dryfhout was lucky that his dad was in the right spot at the right time. Unfortunately, after getting the car, he had to replace the engine.  This car is cool enough that Dryfhout would probably change the engine a few more times before giving it up.

Jojo Gager, 2004 Jeep Wrangler


Gager’s Jeep turns heads in the parking lot because of its striking green color.  The Jeep was first owned by her dad, who passed it along to Gager when she turned 16.  He was the one who chose the eye-catching color.  Her family didn’t think they’d have the Jeep long enough to pass it onto her, but it ended up being hers anyway.  Gager had already broken the car in before she turned 16 by sitting on the hood and putting a dent in it.  Gager isn’t the biggest fan of the color, but she is happy to have a car.

  WO students are lucky enough to share the parking lot with these awesome rides.  Every car in the student parking lot has a story, but these cars definitely are the most interesting.