Unexpected conclusion to a historical election


TJ Denhof and Brandon Pohl

Donald J. Trump is the next President of the United States of America. Yes, you heard that right, this is really happening America. Donald Trump won the electoral college, making him the 45th President of the USA. With one of the toughest paths to the Presidency, how on earth was he able to do it? Trump defeated 16 powerful Republicans in the primaries, and then defeated one of the most powerful Democrats in the nation. What started as a punchline has now become something very real.

 Trump will start his political career in the White House with a nation extremely divided. Days after the election ended, riots in big cities formed with thousands of people. Riots turned violent in Oklahoma with people burning federal buildings and tear gas being thrown into the public. Before Trump does anything in office, he’s going to need to heal a gaping wound in the American public. As citizens, America needs to come together as one, not as Republicans and Democrats, but as American citizens. These next four years can be our country’s demise, as well as  our country’s rise to greatness; no one knows. As for now, we have no power to impeach Trump because he won the electoral college fair and square.

 Look at the bright side, Trump has released some plans and policies that actually make sense and are much more moderate than the ones he campaigned under. For example, Trump changed his tune on deporting all 11 million illegal immigrants to deporting the criminally active illegal immigrants and then doing background checks on the rest. He also has softened the wall to a measly fence to keep illegal aliens out. He told the public that he would keep aspects of Obama Care and work closely with President Obama himself during his term. He says the Justice he plans on appointing will be pro-life, and pro-gun control. As for gay marriage, Trump told 60 minutes that the law was already passed and that he will not mess with the law and that he’s “fine with that.” President-elect Trump also went on about his space plans.  Trump plans to pump funds into NASA for space exploration and leave private US space companies to low-Earth orbit.

  Finally, his 100 day plan seems ambiguous, but do-able. Some extremely positive aspects of the plan is to try and take out the corruption in Washington. He has proposed six steps in order to do this. His first step into cleaning up the corruption is to propose a Constitutional Amendment; he would introduce term limits to all senators and representatives. Depending on how long the terms will be, this could be either good or bad. It will shorten the amount of time that corrupt politicians stay in congress; however, it won’t be able to keep them out of Washington. Having term limits will also have some down sides; not only will shorten the stay of  corrupt politicians in Congress, but it will also shorten the amount of time good politicians in Congress.  Trump’s final steps to ending corruption include a five year ban on White House and Congressional officials becoming lobbyists after they leave their posts, a lifetime ban on White House officials lobbying on behalf of a foreign government, and a complete ban on foreign lobbyists raising money for American elections. His plan isn’t bad; however, it’s going to be difficult to implement correctly without taking out every good politician in the process.

 Although Trump may have softened many of his views, many people are still concerned about his cabinet choices. Many of the people he is looking at are hard-core main-stream Conservitives. Although this is very upsetting to many people with more moderate and liberal views; this does seem to be a logical choice for Trump. Being that he knows very little about policy-making and governing, it makes sense that he would want to surround himself with people who know their way around DC, so to speak.

 As for us Americans, we need to be optimistic; let Trump run his course and see what he has to offer. We can’t be wanting our President to fail, because if he fails, our country fails.