Opinion: A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for Bernie Sanders


Chris Guerrero

You love Bernie Sanders? Vote Hillary Clinton. But you dislike her? Look at this math: A vote for Hillary = Bernie Sanders becoming the Senate Budget Committee chairperson.

Since the beginning of the election cycle, many of Sanders’ supporters have resented Hillary due to the e-mail investigation and the Benghazi situation. Unfortunately, after Sanders lost to Hillary in July, Sanders supporters split up. Supporters went to either Jill Stein, Donald Trump, or Hillary Clinton.

Yet, what many of these supporters must realize is: A) Jill Stein has no way of winning this far into the election. B) Donald Trump will most likely reverse all the legislation and work the Obama Administration has done these past eight years. C) Hillary is the last and only viable option to keep a progressive nation. AND, people seem to forget that Bernie Sanders will have budget control if Hillary wins.

Lots of supporters will argue with me, but take a look. If Hillary Clinton wins on Tuesday, the Senate likely turns Democratic (which means more progressive legislation), and Bernie Sanders becomes the Senate Budget Committee chairperson. Which basically means that a win for Clinton means control for Bernie. In all, Bernie will be able to manage government funding.

Listen up Sanders supporters, we need to keep Trump out of that presidential spot and elect Clinton. Voting for her will literally put Sanders in control of funds. Get out there and vote for Hillary Clinton on Tuesday.

Where to vote: https://www.miottawa.org/ElectionManagement/publicPoll.action#Holland Charter Twp.