Worst horror movie ever: Jason X


Chris Guerrero

I laughed. I laughed hard. I laughed every three minutes. No I was not watching an Adam Sandler comedy, I was watching the worst horror movie ever: Jason X.
During 2001, Director James Isaac directed Jason X. This movie is about Jason, the infamous killer from the Friday the 13th series who is cryogenically frozen and reawakened in the twenty-fifth century. Suprise! Jason begins to kill the whole crew aboard the ship were he was unfrozen. With quotes like “Now basically we… we die,” and scenes which include Jason slashing an alien in a video game simulator, this movie is full of laughs and cringey moments.
Around the first 20 minutes, the first death on board the spaceship occurs. Two of the students aboard the ship are called down to the main hall. As Stoney gets up from the bed to walk out of the room, Jason stabs Stoney in the stomach. Jason turns him around and pulls his machete out of the other side. Throughout these ten seconds, Kinsa the other student has time to escape. Instead, she stays shocked on the bed defenseless. This is where I knew the Jason X was terrible and not worth my time.
Jason X is like many other terrible movies, an idea that was not supposed to make it to the screen. The idea for a serial killer from the twentieth century to be frozen and come back to life in the twenty-fifth century is essentially an idea a small child could have thought of. Despite it being a movie from 2001, the visuals were terrible. For example, the visual of the ship crashing looked like a cheap film a high schooler makes for a film class. I could barely even get through the whole movie, and no, it was not because it was scary. It was because I was laughing so hard.
The horror movie Jason X was terrible and cheesy. This is the worst horror movie I have ever seen and hopefully I will never have to watch it again.