The most ridiculous claims by our Presidential candidates


TJ Denhof

Only in the 2016 election would you have candidates arguing over the racist connotation of a meme. This election has been filled with ridiculous lies and claims by both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump that are leaving some voters scratching their heads at how these two are running for the most powerful position on earth.

Donald Trump

  One thing the world knows for sure about Donald Trump is that he loves to be successful. Even when Trump isn’t successful, he loves to make it up that he is. After the second debate, Trump tweeted that he clearly won according to every poll.

A tweet by Donald Trump after the second debate.
A tweet by Donald Trump after the second debate.


The word “every” is a very bold statement by the Trump campaign. They are claiming that any poll conducted will show that Trump won the second debate. This claim is entirely untrue. With one simple Google search of “who won the second debate,” copious examples of sites show that Hillary Clinton won the second debate. In the final debate Trump said “No one has more respect for women than I do. No one.” This was 11 days after a tape from 2005 was released to the public with Trump’s so called “locker room talk” in which he’s bragging about things he’s done to women that’s so vulgar I can’t bring myself to write it.  Mr. Trump, you of all people do not respect women more than anyone.

Hillary Clinton

With 35 years of experience one would think that knowing what to attack your opponent on would become easier. But, how Hillary Clinton’s campaign linked a simple internet meme to Nazis, Donald Trump, and white supremacists the world may never know.


This was found on Hillary Clinton's website after a recent tweet by Donald Trump.
This was found on Hillary Clinton’s website after a recent tweet by Donald Trump.

With all of the things that Clinton could have used against Trump, she chose to go after a meme? A meme! This could easily be one of the most ridiculous claims by either candidate.  Just like Donald Trump, Clinton has claimed some ridiculous things. In her email scandal, Clinton claimed that she didn’t know what the classified marker of “C” meant in the emails; Clinton said that she thought “… it was referencing paragraphs marked in alphabetical order.”  Her husband was the President of the United States, she was secretary of state, she has 35 years of experience with government and Clinton doesn’t know what a classified email looks like? That is very hard to believe.

One things for sure in this election, both candidates will say anything to persuade voters to elect them.