Memories of Vincent Green


Juliana Shattuck

Vincent Green passed away on Wednesday August 31 in a tragic accident at the Holland State Park, and his friends and family still are reeling from the shock.

  Green was a well loved, highly involved student in the WO community.  He lived in the Holland area and went to the Boys and Girls Club frequently. Green was looking forward to starting his freshman year at WO when he passed away. Green was a great person to be around; he brought joy to everyone.

  Jose “Pancho” Arroyo was a very good friend of Green. Arroyo and Green met each other in the sixth grade. They did everything together and considered themselves brothers. Green was loved by a lot of people. Arroyo remembers Green being involved in sports like basketball and track, and recalls all the time Green spent at the Boys And Girls Club where he was being trained to be a helper. “It feels different now that he isn’t there for me to share my emotions with,” said Arroyo. When Arroyo thinks of Green, he thinks about the happiness he would spread and the smile he always had on his face.

  Another friend of Green said that they also met in the sixth grade. “We had our ups and downs,” said the friend. Green’s friend described him as the person to go to if one ever needed to be cheered up. Green was fun to be around and just a really funny person in general. His best memory of Green was when they were in Mr. Nguyen’s class, making jokes and creating handshakes with each other. “I want people to remember him in the best way,” said the friend.

  Instructor Jeremy Heavilin was Green’s 7th grade basketball coach. Heavilin described Green as well mannered and very dependable; he was always ready at  practice and had a great attitude. He had good grades and he always put 100% effort into anything and everything he was doing. Heavilin’s favorite memory of Green was when he would shoot, make a basket, and turn around and “mean mug” his teammates at practice. “He had a very unique swagger,” said Heavilin. Green was always open to suggestions, and he always wanted to get better.

  Keegan Osborn met Green in the sixth grade as well. He and Green were good friends who began to drift away as they got older.  They both cared a lot about each other even though they weren’t the closest of friends. “It’s hard to realize he won’t be walking across the stage in 2020,” said Osborn. Osborn’s best memory with Green was going into stores and messing around just to put smiles on people’s faces.

  Green will forever be missed by his friends, family, and the WO community. He will live on in our hearts and our memories.