Coming to a classroom near you


Taylor Nieboer

Homecoming week is just around the corner and West Ottawa students are ready to go all out.

Monday: Pajama day

  “Pajama day is fun ‘cause it is an excuse to be lazy. I am going to wear Pikachu pajamas. Oh, I am going to wear a Michigan State t-shirt,” Sr. Jacob Butler said, Jacob is not only excited about spirit week, but also for his birthday on Saturday.

  “Me and my sister are both wearing pink. Pink pajama pants. An orange shirt. Some slippers,” Sr Sammantha Vongphranchanh said.

Tuesday: Er day

  “This year I don’t plan on going as crazy as I used to, but I plan on being a rider. I will wear my breeches which are like leggings. I am going to wear a polo and a belt. Instead of wearing a helmet I am going to wear my equestrian hat that is similar to a baseball hat. Oh, I could totally bring a stick horse and use that as a prop,” Sr. Sydney Archer said.

  “I plan on dressing up as Mr. Jaeger. I am going to borrow my brother’s clothes so like a button up with a tie and some dress pants. I will also try and wear some fake glasses,” Soph. Paige Williams said.

Wednesday: Waikiki day

  “I am going to be hitting up my main thrift store Goodwill. I am going to be looking for a Hawaiian shirt and a straw hat. I plan on smearing sunscreen on my nose. I also want some Jesus sandals; you know the good old jandals,” Sr. Kamryn Crider said.

  “For Waikiki day I am going to wear a Hawaiian shirt with some Hawaiian flowers around my neck. I will probably wear leggings and a hula skirt. Depending on the weather I might wear flip flops,” Jr. Audrey Pohl said.

Thursday: Decades day

  “The 60’s is my day; it was such a cool decade. I have really cool hippie looking skirts that I absolutely love. My vintage t-shirts look like they could have come right out of the 60’s whether it is my Pink Floyd or The Beetles,” Sr. Aubrey MacDonald said.

  “I have so much tie dye. I am going to wear a tie dye long sleeve shirt. I might go to Goodwill and try and find a hippie skirt. A flower crown and just wear some Converse. I might add on some bracelets and my aunt might have some peace sign jewelry. If I can find some I am going to wear some Ozzy Osbourne glasses,” Sr. Melisa Hardy said.


Friday: Black and White day

  “On black and white day I always go all out. This year I plan on using duct tape, black and white shoes, face paint, and a long sweatshirt,” Sr. Lucas Sharar said.

  “I am going to wear the same black and white outfit that I have worn every year since Freshman year. I always wear my volleyball shirt that is so old it has holes in the armpits, but I am going to keep the tradition. I usually wear leggings, white socks, and Converse. I might paint  “Go WO” on my face,” said Sr. Sara Sawyer


  Spirit week is always a good time to have fun and dress a little crazy. There is no better way to show our Panther PRIDE than through this year’s Homecoming spirit week. Go WO.