Anti-Bullying lessons


Lexi Manning

Wednesday, October 5 was Bully Prevention Day at West Ottawa. Students went through a variety of lessons regarding student behavior and safety.

First hour started off broadly. The lesson was about knowing when to talk to an adult and breaking the cycle of bullying, instead of being a bystander and letting bullying happen.

Second hour was about gossip, whether it was about the gossiper, gossipee or the bystander. Frosh. Elijah Miller said, “The rumor presentation was really good… [rumors] are bad to be spread. This way, other people can help put a stop to rumors.” Sr. Ericka Khounedaleth said, “I like the telephone game, it shows how fast rumors spread and how it’s interpreted differently from person to person.”

Third hour was arguably the most impactful and important lesson. The lesson was overall the most emotional, and most students admitted to getting a little teared up. Jr. Shannon O’Connor said, “Learning about suicide helps us know what to do if we’re ever in a situation where we need to help someone.” Sr. Kaylee Komai said, “The most impactful lesson was the suicide one. As high schoolers, we all struggle with feelings of insecurity and self doubt. Students have to remember that it’s just high school, we have so much life ahead of us.”

Fourth hour taught about digital citizenship and how to eradicate cyber bullying by joining together as a community and erase the presence of negative people.

Fifth hour was about inappropriate language and the power our words have on everyone around us. With our words, we can build up or break down people, and it’s important we use our words wisely. Jr. Ian Anwiler said, “I’m happy they’re bringing attention to some real problems in the school.”

Sixth hour concluded the lessons with a wrap up on what students want their personal legacy to look like to others. Students were asked what they wanted to be and how they wanted to be remembered, and it induced a lot of reflection in the classes.

Students understand the value of the lessons. Sr. Caleb DeYoung said, “I think it’s good we have conversations about this and get other people’s perspectives.” And Jr. Piper Kremer said, “I like how they help the whole school environment and how they make the school more positive altogether.”

Because of its importance, students and staff both take the day seriously.  Soph. Tre Henderson said, “The teachers taught the lessons really well, I think it affected people in a good way.” Soph. Junior Wheeler said “Everyone was being caring and kind, people who are caring and kind affect how people are.”