Prom: A money trap… or is it?


Fernando Carranza

He walked up to her door, butterflies full flight in his stomach. He rang the doorbell, palms sweaty. The door opened, and there she was, looking better than he had hoped in her dress. The wad of cash in his pocket seemed to be holding his feet on the ground; it was going to be an expensive night. Some go to the extreme by spending an enormous amount of money for food, clothing, or unnecessary expenses; the memories are worth the cost to them. However, there are ways where one can avoid emptying his/her bank account and still have fun. Here are the most and least expensive ways WO students went to prom last week.


Least Expensive Prom Tux/Dress:

  Sr. Sam Coy: ($0) “My grandma used to own a bridal shop, and when she closed down, she had some left over tux’s that she gave to my mom. It’s saving me money on not paying for a tux so I can take my girlfriend out to a fancier place to dinner.”

  Sr. Emily Wallace: ($12) “I was very hesitant to buy tickets to go to prom because I hold on to my money very tightly. I knew that prom costs add up quickly and just buying my ticket was hard for me. Next, I had to find a dress. I was hoping to find a good deal, and I actually was able to thrift my dress from Goodwill. My mum said she found one in a nice coral color, so she bought it and brought it home for me to look at. We figured if it didn’t fit or I didn’t like it, we could just return it, and it only costed $12 anyway. When I tried it on, it only needed minimal hemming and I couldn’t pass up the deal.”

Most Expensive Prom Tux/Dress:

  Sr. Zach Snoek: ($190) The lady at the store was very convincing. She didn’t tell me the price of the tux I wanted until I paid for it. However, it’s my senior year, so why not?”

  One anonymous girl admitted to spending over $500 on a one-of-a-kind prom dress, but she justified it by saying she had to go all out for senior prom. The dress was from The Prom Shop, a place that guarantees no customer will have the same dress as any other girl at prom.  


Least Expensive Prom Dinner:

  Jr. Mitchell Frauenheim: ($0) “We had a potluck. Everyone brought food. I wasn’t about to pay for an expensive dinner.”

Most Expensive Prom Dinner:

  Sr. Nick Malnar: ($60) “I spent $60 for the two of us and I decided to go out because prom has always been played up and expectations for it are high, so I didn’t want to let my date’s or my expectations down! Also since this was my last high school dance, I thought, why not make it as good as I can?


Least Expensive Prom Ticket: ($30)

  From April 18-22 tickets went on sale for 30 dollars each. It was a great opportunity to save money on an already expensive night. The early bird gets the worm.

Most  Expensive Prom Ticket: ($35)

  For procrastinators or those with last minute plans, prom tickets were 35 dollars from April 25-29.


Least Expensive Flower:

   Sr. Izzy Vandermolen: ($0) “My date and I decided it would be best to not get flowers because they die so quickly and they are too expensive for what they’re worth. Plus, neither of us wanted to pay for them.”

Most Expensive Flower:

   Jr. Kenzie Koning: ($47) “My boyfriend got me one that had lights on it. It was cool to have a lit up corsage on the dance floor.”

   Sr. Stephanie Walker: ($20) “I went all out for senior prom. I figured I would never have an opportunity like this again, so why not?”


Other Costs:

  Limo – $600 for 6 hour. The limo max seating is 10 people per limo. That comes down to $60 per person. Boys with dates could pay $120 for both his date and himself.


Total Guys:

  Most expensive – $190 (tux) + $70 (tickets x2) + $47 (flower) + $60 (dinner) + $120 (limo x2 people) = $487

  Least expensive –  $0 (tux) + $60 (tickets x2) +  $0 (flower) + $0(dinner) = $60

Total Girls:

  Most expensive – $500 (dress) +$20 (flower) = $520

  Least expensive – $12 (dress) + $0 (flower) = $12


If you’re bringing a date to prom, you have two options: you could spend big bucks and have the night of your life, or at a fraction of the cost, you can have just as much fun. The choice is yours.