Netflix’s scariest movie: Last Shift


Chris Guerrero

♪ I am safe in the arms of my master, my king ♪

 The last few lyrics the horror movie Last Shift played. Last Shift is a film that involves rookie Officer Jessica Loren fending for her dear life from a family of satanic worshippers in an empty police station. She has nothing but her memories of her dad’s death to keep her sane.

   From a dead girl who keeps calling 911, to a homeless man peeing on floors, Last Shift kept me on the edge of my seat with my eyes peeled.  Although the first twenty minutes were slow, the character development, the jumpscares, and backstory made this movie worth a watch. Somewhere in the middle, I actually started to get scared and even got up to close my closet door in fear of one of the worshippers jumping out and attacking me. I watched this movie at nine o’clock on a Thursday in pitch dark, so it is fair to say I was little jumpy for the rest of the night. I particularly enjoyed the focus on Officer Loren’s background on to why she joined the police force and the events leading up to the time taken place in the movie. I also enjoyed how the writer did not give the movie a brainless character, but instead made it more realistic with natural reactions. For example, when she sees a ghost, she does not to pretend to trip, but actually takes out her gun and shoots.

  Despite having a lousy beginning, Last Shift is one of the only non-cheesy horror movies that Netflix offers. So tonight, turn off the lights, pop some popcorn, load your Netflix and watch if you dare.  

Link to Last Shift: