Batman V Superman Movie Review

Alexis VanDeWeg

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is an action movie based off of the DC comic that had two well-known superheroes coming head to head in a long awaited battle. With the amazing trailer release, full of epic battle scenes, drama, and suspense, this only served to add fuel to the growing fire that was the fanbase. Yet, after the official release date of the movie being March 25, the growing anticipation flooded out only to be replaced with disappointment. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice was a HUGE let down.


   The plot to the movie has little to no back story or true plot. It just kind of starts, which easily confuses the viewers. The opening scene begins with Ben Affleck, who plays Batman, driving through chaos strung streets. The city, Metropolis, is in the midst of a Kryptonian alien attack that took place during Man of Steel, the first movie. Superman, played by Henry Cavill, comes to save the day. This fight causes immense collateral damage, one piece of the damage being one of Wayne’s building. Thanks a lot, Superman. This killed many of his employees and ended up paralyzing one specific employee. Later, we see how this attack plays a huge role in Wayne’s thought process about Superman. He wrongfully believed that Superman was a danger to the planet. But, it really doesn’t explain much after that.


   That’s not all. The movie has many plot holes that are touched on once and never brought up again. Unexplained happenings like useless time travel? Little to no character development, we get it Wayne, you’re angry. Plus, the whole thing keeping the main heroes from killing each other is the fact that their mothers share the same name. Martha. Aw so sweet, they’re bonding.


   However, not everything in the movie was bad. The fighting scenes look fluid, and the CGI is amazing. The movie looks appealing to the eye, and that’s a big part of the film, but it needs more. The characters need to be more developed and less closed off, scenes could have been taken out.


   This movie could have utilized Wonder Woman’s character a bit more, not just as a background character whose only purpose is to fight at the end to lead into the next movie. There is a whole scene that Snyder added where it introduces small clips of super heroes who aren’t even in the movie! Viewers understand the reason but it wasn’t needed. This scene could have easily been an after the movie ‘special scene’.


   The movie, while called Batman V Superman, pays little attention to the Batman side and focuses heavily on Superman’s side of the story, giving the appearance that Wayne is full of this unbridled anger with no apparent reason as to where it came from.

   All in all, Batman V Superman was a decent movie. It’s worth the watch, but I don’t recommend paying to see it in theaters. Waiting until the movie is available to buy or rent on DVD is about as much as the plot is worth.