New Radioactive beats from WO

New Radioactive beats from WO

Ethan Israels

The amps’ deafening roar subsided for a rare moment at WO-Stock 2016, as DJ Benji finished up his setlist and his final song came to a close. As the clock struck 11:00 pm, it was time for the final performance of the night. Out comes the WO-Grown, hometown favorite band, The Oxford Commas. They begin to strum and pluck away as the White Stage amps boom again..

  The Oxford Commas are a newly formed 3-piece stringed ensemble consisting of Sr. Cole Hook on the cello, Jr. Mitch Frauenheim coaxing the violin, and Sr. Zach Snoek rocking the electric guitar. All three musicians began their musical careers here at WO. All three are currently also members of Chamber Orchestra with Frauenheim being the current Concertmaster or best violinist at WO.

  The trio got their start in the spring of 2015 playing Imagine Dragons hit Radioactive at a birthday party. “The idea just kind of came up like what if we tried to apply to be part of the street performers. And so, Zach, Mitch, and I decided we should try out so we got together in Zach’s basement and recorded,” Hook said. Though they only had a limited number of songs in the beginning, they earned their slot in the Street Performer Series for summer 2015. “After street performers, we decided we were going to play for other events,” Frauenheim said.

  The band mostly plays their own arrangements of current pop hits but also have included several classics from Neil Diamond, Michael Jackson, and others.

  The Oxford Commas have several upcoming performances including 2016 Senior Oscar Night, the Tulip Time Dazzle music festival, as well as the 2016 Street Performers series. Check out The Oxford Commas on Facebook and Twitter @OxfordCommasCMZ, along with their website: