It was great…when we were eight

Chris Guerrero

    At Frosh. Josiah Sondermann’s 8th birthday party, the lights, music, and laser beams from The Lost City filled all of Josiah’s guests with adrenaline and created plenty of memories to look back on. Now, going back to The Lost City on his 15th birthday party, his guests are bored with the same arcade games, short golf course, and bland music . Josiah remembers his 8th birthday as an exciting blast; he regrets messing up his recollections of the past. Those who go back to relive their childhood memories end up underwhelmed by the difference of their glorious memories of the past and the reality of being grown up in a place meant for kids.

  For those who go for the first time, The Lost City is an exhilarating and lively experience. West Ottawa Alumni Vanessa Nava looked back on her memories from when she was 8 saying, “…it was pretty cool. It was way better than the Craig’s Cruisers in town; it had [many activities].” Sophomore Teegan Wolcott also recollects her memories from 11 when she went to The Lost City for the first time. “The first time I went, it was pretty cool…[the laser tag] was literally so fun,” Wolcott said. It may be very exciting to attend The Lost City for the first time. Going back to the Lost City soon afterwards is not as amusing.

  Once one goes back, the circumstances of your memories change. At first, The Lost City provides one with a blast of laser tag, bowling, mini golf, and some arcade games. Soon after, unamusement sets in, and reality does not live of up to expectations that many of the first timers have. The Lost City should improve its games and activities for more mature teens and adults to enjoy not just the kids under 11.