Guys vs. girls: NCAA bracket challenge


Mac Strobel

 It’s on.  March Madness has begun and Freshmen compete to see who has the most hoop knowledge. Four Freshmen girls and four Freshmen guys filled completed NCAA Men’s brackets. With only a few days into the tournament, both are confident with their picks.


  Picking your favorite team is often the norm during the tournament, but the girls have decided to oppose that strategy. Freshman Makenna Schuiling said that she “hasn’t seen much college basketball this season”. Since she and the other girls’ brackets are not based on favorite teams, they believe they are more favorable to win the competition.


  On the other hand, we have the freshman guys  believe that their superior knowledge will lead them to victory. Freshman Jake Holstege said he’s watched basketball almost every day and thinks he’ll predict the upsets and the teams prepared to make a run this season.
  An unbiased bracket and one with “smarter” choices compete as March Madness escalates. The race is still close and who knows what’s going to happen. After all, March Madness is crazy and this year’s no exception. To check the standings for some of the competing brackets visit ESPN’s Tournament Challenge.