Change through the years

Mireya Torrero

Time is something no one can run away from. Change occurs to everyone and everything within a range of a few years. High school is where the biggest changes in one’s teenage years occur. Habits that will be developed by the end of senior year will not be the same as the ones that were created freshmen year. One’s outlook in life from a senior is a lot different from a freshman. The changes that occur from freshmen through senior year are substantial and shapes one’s personality to have a better outlook on life and positive attitude.

  Changes, chances, and choices must happen to live in the moment of high school. “Something I would say I have definitely changed in throughout high school, is teaching myself how to live in the moment. I learned not to rush time because four years went by super fast, and it took me all of high school to realize that,” Sr. Annie Walsh said. There are desperate moments in high school when students cannot wait to grow up, and before it is realized, that moment of growing up that has been awaited has come.

   Life’s perspective of a freshman in comparison to a senior is vastly different. The challenging and easy circumstances that have been experienced by a senior have not yet been experienced by a freshman. “I think my biggest change in high school was my outlook in life. I definitely became a more positive and conclusive person,” Walsh said. Change in personality and change in attitude determine who someone is.

  Having a positive attitude when things become difficult can be one of the hardest choices to make in high school. Always looking at the bad side of things can ruin one’s mood and discourage them from getting things done well. “One negative thing that has stuck with me all throughout high school, is always having my mind set on the weekend. Even from the start of the week, I just try to get through school and wait for Friday to come, but I have definitely gotten better at not wishing time away now that I’m a senior,” Walsh said. Living in the moment and making every moment a positive one allows one to enjoy life to the fullest.

   All of the factors that come with being a teenager can be what prevents students from expressing themselves. Through the four years spent in high school, there’s regret in missing out on school events that everyone attended. “Something I have gotten better throughout my four years in high school is just enjoying the little moments and trying to not miss out on school events and the fun stuff. This basketball season for the Boys Varsity team was one to remember for the seniors, and that definitely motivated me to attend the games. It also gave me the opportunity to spend time with my friends that I will always remember,” Walsh said. By the end of senior year, no more high school memories will be able to be relived or repeated. The memory of them will be the only thing left. Being transformed into the person one is senior year are due to the experiences that happened in high school. It is important to know how to enjoy every moment that is lived and knowing how to do that can be challenging.   

  Time is something that always catches up to someone. Within a range of four years, change is inevitable. Part of someone’s personality is developed through a series of events that happened from freshman to senior year. Enjoying the little moments of high school can be the big and memorable memories that will be cherished forever. The changes that occur due to the memories and experiences lived throughout all of high school, create and shape one’s personality into what it is senior year.