Mind your own

Lexy Gutierrez

Jim and Amy were the couple last year. They were so happy together. They had everything that high schoolers dreamed of in a relationship. High schoolers want loyalty and a sweet and loving partner; Jim and Amy had that. Sadly, their relationship went downhill about four months into it.

  After they broke up, Amy was stunned. She thought that they were going to have a long relationship, but she realized that she needed to work on herself first. She was told by friends that a better her will attract a better next. She let there be five months until she fully moved on and saw someone else to move on with. Amy met Billy, Jim’s good friend, and felt like they had a strong connection. Jim had moved on with Sarah and was happy with her.

  When Jim found out about Amy and Billy, Jim got angry and decided that he would talk about Amy, spreading rumors about her and making all her friends mad at her. When Jim did this, he made Amy mad.

    If you are dating someone new and find out that your ex is also dating someone else, you should not ignore the feelings with your current partner. Always follow them and pursue them. Don’t ignore them because Jim dated Amy, and Amy moved on with Billy. What if Billy and Amy are happy? Should Jim mess with their relationship because Jim wants Amy to pay for breaking up with him when he had already moved on and has another girlfriend? When he and Amy are happy and Jim moved on with a girl named Sarah? Jim is being selfish and spiteful. If Jim had already moved on and was happy with Sarah, Amy and Billy got together and they were happy why would or should he ruin their relationship? He’s already moved on with Sarah and he’s happy. That is selfish.


   Was Jim taking the relationship too seriously? This is high school. It’s not like Alex and Jim were married and they got a divorce and Alex and Billy got married right after Jim and Alex. In a way Jim was over exaggerating, being petty, and spiteful. If Jim was happy when he moved on or even being happy single why can’t Alex be happy? Even if he wasn’t happy, he should not stop her happiness just because he isn’t happy. If you are happy with someone or something and it is taken from you don’t ruin other people’s happiness because you aren’t happy or it was taken from you. You should let them be happy and try and help people who aren’t happy be happy so they don’t need to go through what you went through or are going through.

   If you are in a relationship, never let anybody tell you how to rule it. Don’t let them tell you how to run your relationship. It’s yours. YOU OWN IT.