Combating climate change is a waste of time

Mitch Frauenheim

Donald Trump never ceases to amaze the world with his wonderfully true declarations.  The man is simply a never-ending pool of wisdom.  Trump’s statement, “I don’t believe in climate change,” is genius.  Climate change is a myth and those who strive to “fix” it only end up making the world a more monotonous place.

Conflict in the Middle East

  The Middle East continuously pops up into the news and never ceases to interest the American people.  New issues frequently surface to provide onlookers from across the United States with a reliable source of entertainment.  The United States needs to stay involved in the Middle East to attain oil.  Combatting the so-called “climate change” would decrease the United States’ involvement in Middle Eastern affairs, leaving people with nothing exciting to watch or read about.  Nothing screams entertainment like “U.S. bombs remote Middle Eastern area.”  Without such interesting events, people would be bored out of their skulls.  The attempts to combat climate change clearly do more harm than they do good.

The Environment

  A good oil spill or nuclear waste incident never ceases to capture the attention of the public.  The more severe the problem, the more entertaining.  A large oil spill can have effects lasting years upon years.  That could amount to countless online or print articles and television news stories.  The potential for media coverage is huge, yet some wackos still think that eliminating these great stories is a good idea.  They either do not realize or do not care that doing this would leave the people of future generations with dull, tedious lives, and continue to attack an issue that doesn’t even exist.

One Last Hope

  There is, however, a lone benefit to attempting to eradicate the mythical climate change.  Some of the world’s apex predators could create an at-large presence.  The polar bear would no longer face the dangers of pollution and could make a wonderful resurgence.  In place of the entertainment that would be lost, stories of polar bear massacres would do an excellent job of taking their place.  Though there may not be as many exciting events, they would surely exhilarate the public when they presented themselves.

With the great influence he possesses, hopefully Trump can prove to the people of America that climate change is nothing but a theory to be discarded.  Not only does it not exist, but taking measures against it would leave the earth a tedious rock on which humanity is forced to live.  Even with the added thrill of increased maulings by fearsome predators, the amount of entertainment that would be lost would be much too great.  The world ought to be left the way it is so that its inhabitants may have a much more pleasant time living in it.