Club Hockey: Just how expensive is it?

Isaac Sierra

Beating his opponent, the forward races across the rink determined to score. He comes face to face with the terrified keeper and he fires the puck towards the goal. It ricochets off the crossbar and goes in, putting his team ahead 1-0. Hockey is an exhilarating sport due to its fast paced play and the skill required to perform well. Hockey is also one of the most expensive sports. Hockey players have a lot more to worry about than just winning games.

Many players have been playing hockey for years. They have shaped out to be incredible hockey players, some even playing on nationally ranked teams. However, playing at a high level comes at a cost. Thousands and thousands of dollars are invested in hockey careers, but just how much does the average club player spend a year?

Entrance Fees: $4,000-$6,000

Just playing for the team has an enormous fee that covers costs such as rink rentals and coaching. The top club players have inevitably played on many hockey clubs throughout their careers, all of which costing massive amounts of money. Playing for a top team costs $4,000 – $6,000.

Equipment: $3,300

Hockey equipment is widely known to be expensive but the actual price of the gear is unbelievable. Just the price of a hockey stick amounts to hundreds of dollars, and competitive players go through over three sticks a year. When accounting for all other gear like helmets, skates, and the uniform, it costs players a fortune: around $3,300.

Gas money: $8,220

Gas prices are always a factor no matter what sport one participates in. Many club sports involve traveling to places as far as Detroit, which undoubtedly becomes expensive. However, for dedicated hockey players, games in Detroit are nothing compared to some of the places they travel. Games in the Upper Peninsula are common, and some games are even out of state. An average month of traveling for hockey costs around $685. That is $8,220 a year!

Hotels: $2,000

In a club hockey player’s travels, they are often so far from home that they have to stay in a hotel for one or more nights. Although many hotels have relatively cheap rates, these costs add up. For many, hotel prices amount to almost $2,000 a year.

Food: $1,560

Food is always a factor no matter what sport someone plays. However, since many hockey players have practice far away, restaurant stops add up. Paying for restaurant food adds up to about $15 per stop on average. Although $15 per meal may seem small, it really adds up over time. If one is buying restaurant food twice a week on average costs $1,560 a year.

When all factors are added up an average year in club hockey costs a club player about $20,080. Hockey is undoubtedly the most expensive sport in the U.S., and dedicated players spend a fortune to live their dreams. Next time you attend a hockey game, make sure to appreciate the amount of effort that has been exerted to get the players on the rink.