Nothing for Martin Luther King?

Nate Snyder

It was just a routine Monday, and I was staring at a computer screen in class. Once I finally got logged in to  my computer, I noticed a picture of Martin Luther King Jr. on Google’s home page. Just then I realized that this routine Monday was MLK day. My mind began to drift in a deep daze as I began to wonder why we didn’t have the day off on this national holiday. I began to get in an argument with myself.

   “We really should get today off. Many other schools across the nation get the day off and MLK day is a very important day as his legacy should be remembered by high school students,” said Nate.

    “But we don’t get any other days off for any other individual and I could argue his legacy is not any more important than one of president Lincoln or any other significant figures who have helped pave a pathway for our country,” said Nathan.

    “MLK day should not be looked at as a day to celebrate just MLK. It should also be a day to celebrate the movement Dr. King led. We should pay tribute to those who joined this movement risking injury, jail time, and even death,” said Nate

    “Okay, if they give us the day off, what would we do with that day off? Most likely students would sleep-in or go about their day doing non-school related activities such as playing video games or watching TV. So how would having the day off help pay tribute when nothing would occur to recognize the day,” said Nathan.

    “Maybe we don’t have the day off, but why wouldn’t a simple announcement or even a nice assembly be coordinated? Here at WO we support diversity, so why wouldn’t we do something on MLK day, a very important day?  Why would we let students go to school and not mention why our classrooms are integrated today?” said Nate.

    I finally came to my senses and realized that MLK day should be a day on rather than a day off. Our society needs to take a break, or a pause, from the busy days and realize this country would not be as advanced without the movement Dr. King conducted. The day should remind Americans to emulate Dr. King’s actions.

    I understand the difficulty for school administration to grant a day off, but I think acknowledgement must occur. MLK day is just too important to ignore.