Habits that need to end before second semester

Austin Book

When students blast their music between buildings or even in buildings between classes, do they realize how obnoxious they are? I assume yes, but then I also wonder why they would choose to continually blast music for no apparent reason each day. This is just one of the annoying things students put up with at high school, and it doesn’t even make the top five. The longer students are stuck in school – the more intolerable we get. From my three and a half years at high school, I have witnessed some fairly irritating things, but these five are the most annoyingly common habits that should not carry on to the second semester.

5 – Bragging about not sleeping

  From the start of high school, I have seen people tell debatably true stories about how much sleep they get. Every year, this appears to get worse. Some people seem to brag about how much sleep they don’t get even if a lot of the bragging is very passive-aggressive. I’m sure I’ve heard this conversation happen at least once a week. “I’m so tired today. I barely slept last night. I got like 4 hours of sleep.” Someone else chimes in, “You think that’s bad? I got 3 hours in the past 2 days. I can barely keep my eyes open because I’m so tired.” Hm, if that’s really the case, then why are you so enthusiastic to tell people about your problem? If the student actually got 3 hours in the past 2 days, this problem is very serious and needs to be fixed. Ending this trend is pivotal for the continuous sanity of WO’s students.

4 – Complaining about entirely fixable problems

  In addition to the pathetic bragging problem, there are many other people and many of the same people who complain about entirely fixable problems daily. People complain about their missing assignments or a quiz they failed because they didn’t study. The root of these fixable problems is procrastination. People whine about these fixable problems because they don’t have the willpower to actually complete their work. I hate hearing when people complain about this terrible situation they got into with 10 missing assignments and how their grades are low because of it. Well, if you don’t finish your work, you will have missing assignments that accumulate. The best way to deal with this is by calling people out on their fixable problems. If you complain about something that is your own fault, don’t expect others to be sympathetic. Instead, fix the problem and move on with your life.

3 – Lying for no good reason

  When people lie, there is rarely a good reason behind the lie. Sure, sometimes a lie conceals a painful truth about someone that the person is better off not knowing. However, the majority of the time, people lie for no good reason. I think the most people lie at school is when they try to explain why they have avoided doing something. People would love to pretend that there is a world where they got a concussion conveniently before a huge test, but that world does not exist. People go so far with these lies and they never fool anyone. I have a low tolerance for people who go out of their way to make elaborate excuses. It is pathetic, yet people do this all the time. I see many teachers put up with these blatant lies rather than being assertive with students. On the other spectrum, many people lie when they pretend to do something that they did not do. I don’t know how many times I hear “Oh, I’m sorry. I left my homework at home.” Is anyone really falling for this? I haven’t left my homework at home legitimately since I was in elementary school. In the upcoming semester, people should be more honest because no one wants to hear obvious lies.

2 – Arguing over nothing

  People love to argue. Sometimes, arguing is good for society. It is good to analyze two points of views and decide which is the best or whether it is a combination of the two. It is not worth it when people argue over the dumbest things. The dumb things can be whose pizza slice is greasier or which dress is black and blue or white and gold. Not only is this arguing annoying, but it is a major distraction to others. I don’t need to waste my time assessing a greasy slice of pizza. Instead, we should argue about how our school lunches are still very unhealthy. The Doritos have to be reduced fat, yet our pizza slices still have a layer of grease. That is a problem. When people argue, it is better to make it about something relevant to society.

  However, all of these are tolerable in comparison to the number one item on this list…


1 – Terrible driving

  Honestly, I’m shocked how the majority of WO’s student drivers passed their driving tests because the driving in the parking lots is the worst and scariest place to be. Since I began carpooling with my neighbor freshmen year, I am able to report that the level of safe driving has diminished annually. I consider the parking lot a war zone. I don’t know how there isn’t a crash per day and how this problem isn’t brought up enough during school. I’ve seen people come a literal inch away from slamming into another car. Students also have to be very careful when walking to their cars because many students decide to wrongfully assume that it is okay to pull out of the parking spot without looking anywhere. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of our drivers were classified as blind. They need security guards directing traffic in the student parking lots daily. The horrible driving is not a seasonal trend. It happens every school day of every year. If we could increase the level of alertness among WO’s student drivers, the number of near-accidents would seriously decrease.

 There are a lot of annoying habits that students continuously follow throughout the year. As the start of second semester approaches, students should evaluate where they fall on each of these issues. If we could fix these issues by being more honest with ourselves, WO would be a better and safer place.