Four inventions to start 2016 off right

Allie Buikema

Wearable Keyboards:

The famous Apple Watch and Google Glasses have become quite the rage in society today. These pricey but innovative devices are not the only technology making an outbreak. Companies have recently released wearable keyboards; the accessory provides more options for typing since a tiny Apple Watch screen and glasses can’t always do the job. The key way people interact with computers is by using keyboards. The problem with regular keyboards is that they are not easily portable, and creating wearable keyboards which could be used for wearable electronics is definitely not an easy task. The keyboards need to be large enough to have usable keys and also need to be able to move and stretch with the body’s movements. In the past few years researchers have tried making the keyboards similar to clothing, threading wires into the fabric. The wearable keyboard would allow for easier communicating on devices like the apple watch and Google Glasses and will hopefully be making an appearance in the coming year!


Windshield coating that repels fog and frost:

Every year frosty and foggy windshields cause deadly accidents because of drivers laziness to clear the windshield  before driving. Drivers are often too lazy to clear the front and rear windshields thoroughly from the frost or fog before driving. Students have been guilty of not waiting long enough for my windshield to be completely ridden of frost, and haven’t wanted to wait because they are in a hurry. This type of thinking is what can kill other drivers by not having full visibility out the window and crashing. Scientists have recently come up with a new advanced coating that repels both frost and fogging, allowing for clear windows and fewer accidents! The new coating possesses both hydrophilic, water attracting and hydrophobic, water repelling properties in order to work against both fog and frost. The coating contains organic compounds with both hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties. The hydrophilic components attract the water and absorb the moisture preventing freezing and frost. This new coating will hopefully be making an appearance soon and decrease the amount of accidents caused by fog and frost!


Test that smells cancer on your breath:

The most common way to screen for cancer in this era is very invasive and extremely pricey. This new invention may change that by bringing simplicity and affordability to detect for cancer indicators. This  invention was unveiled on June 2 at the American Society of Clinical Oncology and is still awaiting clinical trials. This test is able to pre-screen both lung and breast cancer. The way the cancer breathalyzer works is the person breathes into a container where the breath will stay fresh for up to a month while being sent off to a lab where it’s checked for cancer indicator compounds. The cancer breathalyzer could decrease costs by a landslide and also expand screening in countries that don’t have adequate technology to detect cancer. Since all the doctor needs is the patient’s breath, this drastically reduces cost and time and allows for more chances to prevent cancer. This test is also perfect for cultures that forbid the level of intimacy that tests such as mammograms require. The opportunities for preventing cancer are becoming more and more innovative and the breathalyzer will hopefully be making its debut soon!


Cell Phone unlocks with the swing of an arm:

Nobody wants to have to type in a code when in a rush to contact somebody. Well it may not be necessary to go through the tedious process of unlocking your phone anymore. Scientists have come up with a way to unlock phones by simply coming up with your own authentic swinging gesture. The technology activates sensors which then unlocks the phone. Some might worry that the way someone swings their arm is not distinctive enough to unlock the phone; however, there are many different variables that make the swing distinct. Physical factors such as arm length, muscle strength and holding methods all contribute to the swing of the phone and make it special to that person. The authentication of this technology is about a 96% success rate and is extremely resistant to others who may try and replicate your swing. This new invention will allow for speedy calls and access to your phone and is just one more way to make life easier!