13 Fashion trends that should make a comeback

13 Fashion trends that should make a comeback

Caitlin Walsh

Fashion trends are merely a revamped fad. Every now and then there might be a new statement, but for the most part, trends recycle. For that reason, I asked myself, “what previous trends should be popular once again?” Here are a few classic styles that can be brought back for another run.

  Fanny packs:

If I saw someone wearing a fanny pack, I would probably give them a high-five. Some people claim fanny packs are no more than a joke, but they actually have some serious convenience benefits. I mean, can you fit a pack of gum, all of your pencils, your phone, your charger, cosmetics, and a small animal in your pocket? Probably not. All of these can fit in a fanny pack, and that’s why they are the way to go.


50% skirt, 50% shorts: a skort. Skorts have the comfort of a flowy skirt but a minimized risk of flashing your underwear; what could be better than that? The skort of the past often has a bad reputation within high fashion circles, but the modern skort is surely stylish enough to strut in public.

  Flip sunglasses:

Flip sunglasses may be a little quirky, but they are extremely functional. They’re a combination of glasses and sunglasses in one, so you won’t need to worry about lugging around two pairs of glasses. They’re great for everyday use; flip them up when you go inside and flip them down when you are out in the sun.

  Saddle shoes:

saddle shoes 2saddle shoes

The first thing I think of when I see saddle shoes are the ones Audrey Horne wore in Twin Peaks. The saddle shoes classic colors are black and white, but they can also come in a variety of different colors. The shoes are so chic, and I can definitely see them becoming a classy and vintage trend in the future.

 1920’s bob:


I personally love this hairstyle not only for the style’s elegance, but the sassiness. There’s something about a short cut and bangs that radiates a very appealing and almost a mysterious look.


turtlenecksturtleneck 2

Can someone please tell me why turtlenecks are no longer popular? This piece of clothing is like a hug for your neck. They are so cute and cozy and need to be relevant again for the sake of warmth and fashion. Mick Jagger, most popular in the 70’s, can obviously pull off a turtleneck because well, they were in fashion. However, if Drake could pull off a turtleneck in this era, then anyone else can, too.

 Flare jeans:

flare jeans

For those of us who don’t look great in skinny jeans, flare or bootcut jeans are way more flattering. Plus, it’s nice to switch up jean options with different kinds rather than the standard, basic skinny jeans.

 Full piece swimming suits:

full swim piece

Am I the only one who thinks full piece swimming suits are more appealing and fashionable than two-piece suits? First introduced in the 1950’s as a popular swimwear option, full piece swimming suits are fashionable, classy, and comfortable.

 Snuggies, but formal:

Snuggies were the bomb and should certainly make a comeback, but in a different approach. Snuggies are a comfortable option when lounging around the house, but shouldn’t there be a relaxing outfit acceptable to wear at a wedding or a conference meeting? Yes, because that would be awesome. Hopefully a future clothing choice would be the new and improved snuggie, the formal snuggie.

 Mood rings:


Even though they are not always accurate, I have always found mood-detecting jewelry fascinating and amusing. Even if it’s just me trying to convince myself that the ring was actually correct about my mood. Plus, there’s more to mood jewelry than just rings. Mood necklaces, earrings, anklets, and bracelets are options too.

 Bleached hair:

bleached hair 2bleached hair

Bleached hair is such a 90’s grunge look. Not everyone can pull off this look, but when someone can, it looks absolutely amazing. If someone desires to stand out from the crowd or wants a new look, do what people did in the 90’s, bleach the absolute life out of your hair. Bleached hair definitely calls for some bravery but it can give you a sense of individuality and a renewed appearance.

 80’s windbreaker:

I have witnessed a few people wearing an 80’s windbreaker and it looks so vintage and fun. Bright colors are coming in again, and with the bright colors and geometric designs on 80’s windbreakers, these are the perfect jackets for fall and spring that are making a comeback.

 Tube socks:


Originated from sport clothing, tube socks became popular because of their sporty, and later quirky kind of vibe. Today they can be considered a fashion no-no, but I say differently. Tube socks paired with some converse or any kind of sneakers can give off a messy, I-just-threw-this-on look that I personally love.

The trends I collected are from different time periods throughout the 20th century. Some of styles are already coming back and my word is proven correct, trends repeat. Although fads are temporary, sometimes altering your style to something different opposed to what you usually wear can be nice and rejuvenating.