Stam vs. Woods: best candidate

Justin Anair and Nate Snyder

Few have forgotten Kanye West’s decision to run for president in 2020 just yet. What would our country look like ran by a male rapper with anger management? The answer is: not too great. Just because a person decides to run for president doesn’t make them a viable candidate. With nearly a dozen Republican candidates and a handful of Democrat candidates running for president, at least one candidate has to stand out as the front runner for each party and leave the possibly “unfit” candidates in the dust. Stam and Woods return again to discuss the best candidate for the Republican and Democrat parties.

McKenna: I think Marco Rubio is definitely the best candidate for the Republicans. I have been a big supporter of him for a while now, I didn’t know a ton about his policies but the I got to hear him speak and I agreed with him on a lot of things. His college funding plan to make college affordable, I like that idea a lot. He’s not to extreme, I think he’s electable. He believes in the protection of the second amendment. He wants to help small businesses, he wants to lift union imposed pay caps for workers. He also has a lot of good ideas to reduce the national debt which is over 18 trillion dollars which is $150,000 per household, which no you’re not going to get a bill for but it’s going to come in the form of higher taxes.

Julia: First off I would like to say, I love Bernie Sanders. He’s an amazing candidate. However, I don’t think he’s right for our country at this in history. He’d be great for Canada. I really support Hillary Clinton; I’ve supported her since 2008. I’ve had I’m ready for Hillary bumper stickers before they were vandalized but that’s okay. Anyways, I really support her and thinks it’s time for us to have a strong female leader in America. There is no one in the field that has as much experience as her right now which is a huge card for me. She’s been First lady. Senator, that goes without saying that her views align with mine.

The last installment will be revealed on Monday, January 11. Check back in for the last topic debated by Stam and Woods