Stam vs. Woods: Climate change

Justin Anair and Nate Snyder

The earth is rapidly heating and global warming is serious topic that needs to be handled the right way. The way to handle  this issue has been seriously debated throughout the country, and Stam and Woods talk about the changes needed to prevent Global warming.

McKenna:  I think the focus should be on developing new technology, and making alternative energy sources cheaper and more available. We need to protect our environment. I also think that a big issue, the U.S has lowered its carbon emissions. However, other countries, like China, have not. And I mean in the future they are going to be destroying the environment much more rapidly than the U.S, because the U.S does have regulations in place and China does not. I’m not a fan of government regulation, but I believe in minimal regulations. Some regulations are needed to maintain individual freedoms. Some republicans would disagree with me, and want no regulations. But global warming is a thing and science has proved that and we need to do something about it.
Julia: There needs to be something laid in place to make sure that businesses and industries especially things revolving around making a product that requires burning coal, or use of gas, or anything that’s  harmful to our environment. We need to be more conscious of those businesses and big businesses that are causing harm and then have a plan set in place that restricts these businesses from using that type of energy but instead giving them the alternative of using solar or wind energy. Because that’s definitely possible right now but it’s not the cheapest. That another thing we need to think about. We need to be okay in investing in the future of our planet. If that means ensuring that business have more money so they can use solar or wind instead of gas, then that’s the step we need to take.


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