Rock Climbing club: a fun way to stay in shape

Isaac Sierra

The thrilling fall sports season has come to a close and winter sports are in full swing. But, what if hockey, basketball, wrestling, or swimming isn’t appealing to you? Well, there are plenty of clubs out there that you can do to fill your time. The latest addition to these fun athletic clubs is the rock-climbing club.

  The Rock Climbing club was started this year by Jr. Jake Stryker. Stryker came up with the idea out of pure desire for staying fit and healthy. “I started the club as a fun way to stay in shape,” Stryker said. Unlike after school activities like weightlifting and running club, the rock climbing club is a more enjoyable way to stay in prime athletic condition.

  Another favorable aspect of rock climbing is that it provides students a way to participate in a school club, but in an environment outside of the high school. “We meet at Soaring Ledge Crossfit, it’s off River avenue on your way downtown on 4th street,” Stryker said. Soaring Ledge Crossfit is an enormous gym (11,000 sq. ft.) featuring a variety of gym equipment, plenty of room to exercise, and an impressive rock climbing wall. The venue for the Rock Climbing club is incredible, and it is one of the only places in Holland with an impressive rock-climbing wall.

  Although the venue for Rock Climbing club is ideal, there is a price to attending Soaring Ledge Crossfit. Students would generally have to pay $48 for a one month membership or $10 a session without a membership. However, attending the Rock Climbing club lowers the price to $40 a month for students and $8 a session without a membership, with shoe rentals only $4. Being able to experience rock climbing at lower rates is an incredible opportunity for students that should definitely not pass unnoticed.

  The Rock Climbing club is an excellent way to stay in shape, while having fun and having the opportunity to climb at a cheaper rate. The exhilaration of rock climbing is completely worth the small price paid to participate, and students should definitely take advantage of this unforgettable experience.