Tim Hortons is better than Starbucks

Emily Kercher

Looking to spend more money than necessary? Trying to find a way to waste your time and decrease your health? Sick of making good decisions for your life? If so, going to Starbucks for your next coffee run is your best option. If you choose Starbucks, you’re choosing to overlook the better option… Tim Hortons.

  For starters, Tim Hortons offers worldwide benefits when it comes to their coffee. They provide job opportunities to people in Brazil, Columbia, and the Trifinio region. By having that connection in other parts of the world, they can offer their coffee prices cheaper to America and Canada (where they have their stores located). It soothes the soul knowing that the coffee you’re drinking is helping out other people around the world. Not only that but it’s also easier to drink a cup of coffee with the knowledge that you aren’t wasting money.

  Starbucks prices are higher than Tim Hortons overall. A medium coffee at Starbucks can be as much as 5 dollars and the same size as a 2 dollar coffee from Tim’s. It’s no secret that everything at Starbucks is overpriced, every drink or every food item there is priced higher than Tims. The high prices can be traced back to where the coffee beans come from. Starbucks are mostly from Latin America, Africa, and Asia-pacific. Beans from those areas are at a higher labor cost.  

  Tim Hortons atmosphere is friendly and convenient. Both stores have drive throughs available however the inside of the stores are both vastly different. Tim Hortons is quick and friendly. The comfort of Starbucks may be more desirable however that depends on what a person values independently. Some people choose to sit and enjoy their coffee in the shops that they buy it in and Starbucks offers more seating, however, Tim Hortons values preference and they’re more focused on quick efficient service. “They’re always assuming that the customer doesn’t have time to spare and therefore they offer some tables and chairs but mostly they prepare their products for people in a rush,” Nicole Kercher said, an employee at Tim Hortons.

  After tasting Tim Hortons donuts, it’s very obvious why they are able to expand their business into America and continue to gain popularity… they are delicious. After tasting Starbucks… oh wait. Starbucks doesn’t offer donuts. What goes better with coffee than donuts? An overpriced 3 dollar granola bar? Not a chance. Tims made the smarter decision by putting their donuts on display and their coffee to pair perfectly. Also with a punch card every 7th drink is free at Tim’s, plain and simple.

  It’s not that Starbucks products are bad, they’re not. It’s just that paying more money than necessary for something that tastes just as good elsewhere for cheaper just doesn’t make sense. Next time you’re faced with the decision of where to get your coffee, think it over a little more… maybe it will start to make sense when you reap the benefits of the reward system, one free and delicious coffee at a time.