Is your iTunes library stale? We can fix that


Lexi Manning

Do you ever have the problem where you skip every song in your library, and can never seem to find the right song? Music plays a big part in our lives. Here are some suggestions to keep your library fresh and unique.

  1. Young Folks is an upbeat and positive song, coming from the Swedish indie pop/rock band, Peter Bjorn and John. Released in 2006, some of us might recognize the whistling when you first hear the song that brings back memories.
  2. Next, is Hello by the wonderful girl punk band, Babes in Toyland. Hello features long, slow guitar riffs followed by the lead singer’s loud, gruff lyrics and style. The song is great for the beat and the famous “Hello” sang throughout the song. 
  3. If you’ve heard of Frank Ocean, you’ve probably heard great things. Most likely, you know the phrase “where’s the album?” is associated with him. His album Channel Orange is his latest and greatest album, making him famous and a heart throb for boys and girls alike. Channel Orange mixes his beautiful vocals with great lyrics that creates a masterpiece. The album features various artists like Earl Sweatshirt and Andre 3000, creating a unique sound in every song. Not every song may be appropriate for school, so keep that in mind. 
  4. Joyce Manor’s album Never Hungover Again features a great indie pop punk vibe. The album illustrates the theme of losing friends and love through the lyrics and fast paced songs. Falling in Love Again is the longest song on the album at 2:28 minutes, and a personal favorite of mine. The lyrics and the melody are intertwined throughout the song to create a wonderful love song of sorts, while still maintaining the pop punk mood.
  5. A more underground band is Stereolab. They never had any commercial success, but they did have some underground hits in the 90’s. All of their vocals are sung by a woman, usually in French, and on occasion in English. Their song, Strobo Acceleration is sung completely in French, with a completely experimental pop sound. If you translate the lyrics, the song says, “Where is female emancipation/ A sigh from man.” This song is great, and most English-speaking listeners would love the melody that goes along with the song, as well as the singer’s vocals.
  6. Tyler, the Creator is usually known for his crude lyrics and immaturity on stage. While these things are true, Tyler is an amazing artist, and usually creates an instrumental song or two per album. Off of his album Goblin comes one of his instrumentals AU79. With no lyrics, making the song school appropriate, Tyler creates a great sound without the need of words.
  7. Sublime is known for their reggae-ska-punk beats. They’re talented in combining meaningful lyrics with true reggae melody. 5446/ Ball and Chain is no different. “With a girl that you knew,/ and the bonds that we grew/ Turned into a ball and chain.” The song is about childhood expectations turning out to be not what he expected, as his wife becomes a burden. Ball and Chain is a very realistic view on the subject of marriage, especially for those who don’t particularly want to get married.
  8. ODESZA is known for their electronic beats combined with other musician’s vocals. In the song White Lies featuring Jenni Potts, they create a wonderful mashup of the two artists skills. White Lies is a great song to sing along with and dance to.
  9. Chances are if you enjoy 60’s music, you’ve heard of The Zombies. Summertime is a song from 1965, showing off their skill in combining the blues and rock rhythms. The song almost reminds me of the band Arctic Monkeys, so if you like them, you’d probably enjoy the song.
  10. Title Fight, a semi-popular pop punk band, brings us the album Floral Green. If you like pop punk, this is the band and album for you. The album starts out fast paced with Numb, But I Still Feel It and stays that way through the majority of the album. The band is talented in not only fast songs, but slower ones too, for example, their song Head In The Ceiling Fan, which starts out slow but then picks up partway through. Title Fight has recently come out with another album, Hyperview, and while Floral Green is still my favorite, they don’t disappoint on either album.
  11. FTSE isn’t well known and doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t create wonderful songs. Float, featuring Kenzie May, combines FTSE’s beats with May’s melodious vocals. I’d recommend the song for people who like dubstep, or who enjoy ODESZA, who I mentioned before in the article.
  12. Not many people have heard of Avey Tare’s Little Fang but that doesn’t mean it’s not great. The song is a weird mix of experimental rock, electronic pop, and psychedelic sounds, but the odd mashup is really great. Little Fang is an awesome driving song.
  13. We can always use more female punk bands. Pretend We’re Dead by L7 is their 1992 hit, with its heavy use of guitar and the singer’s catchy vocals. Feel like a true angsty teen listening to this song.
  14. Beach House is a small indie band based out of Maryland. Their song One Thing is fantastic. Any indie music lover would love it, after you get past the initial starting chords, which are sort of slow, so don’t let that deter you.
  15. It’s safe to say, most people know of Nirvana. One of their less well known songs is Stay Away. Compared to their other hits like Smells Like Teen Spirit or Heart Shaped Box, Stay Away has the least views and is very underrated. Give the song a try if you like Nirvana’s classic grunge sound.
  16. Alina Baraz & the Galimatias are similar to ODESZA and FTSE, so if you enjoyed those songs I posted earlier you’d love Pretty Thoughts. Baraz’s vocals work perfectly with the mellow beat that goes along with it.
  17. 311 is another reggae alternative band quite similar to Sublime. I’ll Be Here Awhile is an uplifting and fast paced song, not one to fall asleep to. Don’t let this deter you from it though, the singer’s catchy lyrics and the melodic guitar riffs are great together.
  18. Another song by Tyler, the Creator is Treehome95. Yes, it’s appropriate. No, it actually does have words! Coco O and Erykah Badu are featured in the song and beautifully contrast their vocals from Tyler’s deep, harsher ones. If you liked AU79, you’d probably like this song too.
  19. Most people who are familiar with pop punk or indie bands would know the name Modern Baseball. Their latest album is called You’re Gonna Miss It All. The band is great with capturing awkward relationship moments we’ve seen in movies or even experienced ourselves. Some songs do have some inappropriate language, but nothing major. Your Graduation is hands down the most popular song off of the album, a fast paced song great to sing along to, full of bitterness for your ex. Pothole is an awesome slow song off of the album, perfect for a rainy day.
  20. If you like blues or soul music, I’m Shakin by Little Willie John is the song for you. His voice cuts through the background music, highlighting his talent, but the beat is great as  well with the true 1950’s rock and roll vibe to it.

Stay tuned for more tunes over the next week.