Distill Social gets the word out in a new way


Mariah Stewart

    “Joe Biden or Donald Trump?” “How do you feel about the separation between church and state?” “Have you heard of Ottawa Impact?” “What is the most important voting issue to you?” 

   This past Tulip time visitors and Michiganders were asked these questions by a Distill Social Media Interviewer. The west side and Ottawa County have been cut out of conversation time and time again. We are the unwanted side because of our conservative reputation. Distill Social wants to tackle that problem. 

   Distill Social is different from the rest. Their goal is to provide their listeners with the raw and clear truth. Their website says,  “we are an independent Michigan-based group here to provide you with the facts and give you a simple way to share them with those you influence.” With no corporations or people to please, Distill can provide content that is honest and fair.

   Distill Social said on their website, “The right argues that the media is biased against them, the left says news corporations and social media favor the right. The truth is all media frames the narrative to benefit corporate shareholders and ownership. They want the most clicks and the highest advertising premiums.” Co-Founder and Digital Director Gina Keller said, “We kind of have a snarky, gossipy tone for a reason… We are just telling things like they are… no corporate shareholders or advertisers to bow to here and some of this stuff is unbelievable!” 

  The organization has been able to host events all over the state to help sign petitions, help pass proposals in Michigan (including proposal two and three in the 2022 elections), and support candidates running for office. They have a social media presence: Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

   One thing they are known for are their interviews at public events. They attend many political, social, and Michigan festivities across the state. This includes Pride festivals, NRA meetings, school board meetings, commissioner meetings, and political events. 

  Recently, Distill has decided to film more content in West Michigan/Ottawa County area. They have been more active on the east side of the state but know it is important to expand. Especially in Ottawa County, considering its national attention for the influence of the far-right extremist group Ottawa Impact over the county commission. 

   Keller said, “We want Distill Social to be the place where you can come online to find stories you relate to and that make you want to take action! Are there books being banned in your town? Is your water safe to drink? Has gun violence affected you? Far too many of us are experiencing these things and we believe we can build an online community where people can learn about what can be done and which elected officials share our values.” 

   Look out for Distill Social at many events in West Michigan this summer. Come say hi and share your opinions!