Jack Black: The best celebrity of our generation


Kira Guerrin

Kung Fu Panda. School of Rock. Nacho Libre. Gulliver’s Travels. The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Tenacious D. What do all of these titles have in common? The best celebrity of our generation, otherwise known as Jack Black.

   It’s safe to say that most Generation Z kids grew up on Jack Black movies. With School of Rock released in 2003 and Kung Fu Panda coming out in 2008, this generation has had Jack Black on the big screen since they were born. The fact that he has come back as Bowser in the Super Mario Bros. Movie brought in so many viewers of all ages.

    His movies are what cultivate the majority of his fan base. Soph. Caedmon Kephart says, “My favorite movie that Jack Black has been in is the Super Mario movie. He was awesome in that and he wore a funny costume for interviews.” It isn’t just his new movies that people love.  Nostalgia-filled fans still praise his old films. Sr. Jackson Field said, “My favorite movie Jack Black has been a part of is Kung Fu Panda. Jack Black brings a likeability and kindness to the character of Po. I also enjoy the worldbuilding found within the Kung Fu Panda films.”

    There are a few characteristics that make Jack Black stand superior compared to the rest. Some might think it’s his comedic genius, or maybe his relatability. Something many can agree on is the fact that as people get older, they only appreciate Jack Black more.

   Sr. Caden Mika says, “I like him more now. Being older, I can listen to his music, allowing me to find a new medium for me to appreciate him in.” Kephart says, “I enjoy Jack Black more now because I can fully appreciate his greatness.” Field says, “When I was a kid, I only knew Jack Black from Kung Fu Panda. Today, I can appreciate all his different roles in films and his music career in the band Tenacious D.” 

   Jack Black’s greatness has been proven, but what is the x factor? What makes him so iconic? The defining trait that truly sets him apart is the fact that he stays out of the drama. He is an unproblematic king. Jr. Savanna Karsies contrasted Jack Black and another celebrity. She said “Jack Black versus Andrew Tate:

a) Jack is not currently in Romanian prison

b) Jack did not start a fight with Greta Thunberg on Twitter 

c) Jack did not kidnap and sell teenage girls 

d) I would listen to a podcast that Jack made”

   Though Andrew Tate is known for being a controversial man, it doesn’t take away from the fact that Jack Black just doesn’t cause issues in pop culture. Every day, there is talk of adored celebrities under fire for something. Whether it is Taylor Swift and her concerning carbon footprint, or Will Smith and his “slap heard round the world,” there has never been a situation where Jack Black has been looked at in a poor light. Field also says, “Jack Black is a superior celebrity compared to most celebrities today. He’s an actor that the whole family can love. If your dad likes rock, boom, Tenacious D. If your mom likes heartwarming stories, boom, School of Rock. If you have kids, boom, Kung Fu Panda.”

   One final reason Jack Black the best celebrity of our generation, is actually a piece of advice he passes down to his fans, within his attitude, his swagger, and his words. He encourages people to not take themselves so seriously. It’s okay to be a little weird. Embrace who you really are. Jack Black said it best himself “Embrace your inner strangeness. Don’t be embarrassed to let your true self show. Something I point to in my own life and my own successes, finding my own voice.”