Conservatives, get a new joke.


Image created by Mariah Stewart

Pronoun jokes are old and tired, and they were not funny to start.

Mariah Stewart

   Recently, I came across a video compilation of Conservatives mocking pronouns. The Daily Show shared the clips on their social media accounts. Conservatives including Ted Cruz,  Michelle Malkin, Roseanne Bar, and others can be seen sharing jokes that their pronouns are U/S/A, Kiss/My/ ***, and Proud/American. The video can be viewed here

   Did they graduate high school? Can they identify pronouns? Why do they care so much? Do they think this joke is funny? Who knows? 

Be original.

   Even if the jokes were funny, they are sooooo overdone. Come on guys, is this all you got? We have heard the same thing over and over again for years. Ted Cruz sharing “My pronouns are Kiss/My/***” is tired. We are waiting for something new but I guess conservatives wouldn’t get that, since most of them are stuck in the 1800s. 

Pronouns are a part of speech. 

   Whether conservatives like it or not, pronouns are a part of speech. Pronouns are not “made up.” Most children learn parts of speech starting in third grade. Hopefully the books conservatives want to ban don’t include important information about grammar and parts of speech! 

   According to Grammarly, “Pronouns are the words you substitute for other nouns when your reader or listener already knows which nouns you’re referring to.” Pronouns are used in everyday life, and we often use them to talk about someone or something without saying a name. 

   When conservatives say, “we do not believe in pronouns,” they sound stupid. They have already proven their lack of knowledge in the subject by using the pronoun “we” in their sentence. Pronouns are not something one can choose to believe in. They are a part of English… and are not going anywhere. 

   You argue the pronoun “they” represents multiple people, but do you not realize how common it is to refer to someone as “they” when not knowing their gender. When you see a stranger and do not know their gender what do you say? You say “they,” right? For example, “The driver was speeding; they blew past me on the highway.” 

This is not theoretical, real people are getting hurt!

   When talking about preferred pronoun usage, conservatives tend to talk in a theoretical manner, but it’s not a hypothetical situation. Jr. Ken Sanabria goes by she/they pronouns, and shares the struggles that they have encountered. “I have seen lots of hate towards others who use non-traditional pronoun usage, and it has affected the pronouns I introduce myself as. I actually prefer they/them pronouns, but I have struggled with people respecting that, so I decided to go by she/they,” Sanabria said. This is a real issue, people are changing themselves to make others feel comfortable. 

   Sanabria shares that they have heard people make comments like “My pronouns are your/mom.” Conservative thinking causes real harm to those who use nontraditional pronouns. When people actively ignore Sanabria’s wishes, she said “I don’t feel seen or heard.” It’s important that other’s gender identity is respected. Simply using someone’s preferred pronouns can make someone feel respected and heard. If you choose to ignore preferred pronouns, you are the problem. 

Are you selfish and full of hatred? 

   If you do not respect someone’s preferred pronouns you are simply selfish. No harm is caused to anyone when you use someone’s preferred pronouns. There is no reason to be rude unless you are full of hate.

   Misgendering someone on purpose with intent to be malicious is incredibly disrespectful. Conservatives can often be seen disregarding people’s personal wishes when it comes to preferred pronouns. The National Institute of Health reported, “ Intentional refusal to use someone’s correct pronouns is equivalent to harassment and a violation of one’s civil rights.” It’s important to honor the values and rules our country was established on… right, conservatives? Our civil rights should be respected and not infringed upon.

   There is no reason to misgender someone or make fun of preferred pronoun usage. There is no benefit for anyone and doesn’t do much but spread hate. Using someone’s preferred pronouns is very easy, the act only challenges old ideas about gender identity. 

It is understandable to struggle to adjust. 

   Struggling to remember someone’s preferred pronouns is a comprehensible issue. In more recent years, non-traditional pronouns and ones that may not resonate with their visual appearance have become more common. This especially can be a harder concept for older people to adapt and understand because its so new and unique to them. Pronoun’s relation to sex have been ingrained into our heads for years. Unlearning habits can take time. 

   As long as you are putting forth your best effort and actively trying to correct yourself when making pronoun mistakes, you are doing what is right! There is definitely a difference between not trying and giving your best effort, most people understand and appreciate your efforts! 

   If Conservatives continue to make bad jokes about pronouns it only further enforces the idea that they are hateful and ignorant. Make the effort to be a respectful human being.