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Finding the perfect book is difficult. This article includes great suggestions.

Daniela Aguillon

Finding the perfect book is difficult. This article includes great suggestions.

Sarai Garcia

Looking for a book that is similar to your favorite? Well, this is the right place to be because here are books that are similar to The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, The Fault in Our Stars, No Longer Human, and Death Note.


The Hunger Games


Read – The Maze Runner


The Maze Runner is set in a distant future where a group of teens are mysteriously teleported into a massive stone maze. Within the maze, there are many lethal creatures. The teenagers need to escape, but are struggling to survive.

This series is another popular dystopian series that is similar to The Hunger Games. Both series focus on the themes of heroism and sacrifice. They are also set in a world where the people are unhappy and afraid because they are treated unfairly. The two involve the killing of innocent lives by authorities to create entertainment and peace.


Harry Potter Series

Read – The Inheritance Cycle Series

The story follows a teenage boy who finds a dragon’s egg and soon becomes the first of a new order of Dragon Riders. His mission is to defeat the evil king who killed the previous generation of Dragon Riders. Along the way, he creates relationships and faces many adventures.

The Inheritance Cycle is full of magic and danger just like Harry Potter. The themes of both books include heroism and corruption. Both follow the life of a teenage boy who encounters magical powers and faces adventures.


The Fault in Our Stars

Read – Eleanor and Park

The story is set in the 80’s and follows the love story of two teenagers, Eleanor and Park. Despite their interests in comics and music, heavy challenges stand in their way: racism, bullying, and abuse.

Eleanor and Park is similar to The Fault in Our Stars because they focus on two teenagers who have fallen in love, but face struggles. The themes of both books are love, friendship, and identity.


No Longer Human

Read – My Year of Rest and Relaxation

This book follows the life of a deeply unhappy woman, despite living a sustainable lifestyle. She’s desperate to find a way out of her misery. Her plan is to sleep as much as humanly possible over the next year by taking prescription drugs. She simply prefers an unconscious state instead of a conscious state. What she doesn’t know is that the effects of heavily using the drugs causes her to behave uncharacteristically.

The two books are similar because they share the theme of loneliness, trauma, transformation, and death. Both books follow and describe the main character’s struggle to find their identity and purpose in life.


Death Note Manga Series

Read – The Cain Saga (Count Cain)

This manga series is set in England during the 19th century. It follows the mysterious life of Count Cain, a beautiful yet sadistic young man surrounded by mystery. After he inherits his title, he seems to be surrounded by mysterious deaths. Cain must solve mystery after mystery with the help of his servant and little sister.

The Cain Saga is similar to Death Note because they are both psychological books. The themes target death and mystery. Both stories revolve around finding the source of all the mysterious deaths that keep happening around the characters and ending it.