What is a Michigander?

Bri O'Dell

We the People of the state of Michigan, in order to form a more perfect state, establish pop over soda, insure full access to the lakes, provide for the godawful winter months, promote hand maps when asking directions, and secure the snow tires on our cars for ourselves and our families, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the state of Michigan.

  Michigan experiences some of the most bipolar weather. We can go from a 70 degree sunny day, to a gloomy low 50s degrees in less than two hours. When preparing for a day out and you have to bring along a jacket although it’s 70 degrees when you’re going out, you know you’re a michigander. This, along with many other experience make the michigan living experience unique and make their mark on the inhabitants of the state. One can easily recognize a michigander from the following.

  If when shown a deck of cards, regardless the location, the first thing that comes to mind is the four person, mind boggling game, Euchre, then you’re a michigander. When the power goes out from a disastrous michigan storm, and the only thing to light up the room is a old flashlight, then the first logical thing to do is grab the deck of cards shoved under the couch, crack them open, divide up teams and start playing the old age game of Euchre.

  Once the snow finally ceases for the year, and the first patch of green grass peeks through the five foot snowbank, spring sports begin. Most high schools in the area  begin spring sports in early March, however; in michigan we hold all tryouts inside due to the blanket of snow layered on the athletic fields. Soccer, lacrosse, track, tennis, and baseball all hold their tryouts in a gym or local arena. Field events and rugby grab the snow shovels and began hauling off snow among the stadiums. Finally, when the snow disappears and teams can begin practicing outside athletes are still wearing layers of clothing and their winter jackets in order to stay warm. When trying out for a spring sport and you’re bundled up in snow gear, you know you’re a michigander.

  In Michigan school closes for two reasons: Ice days and snow days. When your high school announces the 14th snow day on the Monday students return from spring break, you know you’re a michigander. Snow is a familiar theme in michigan. If we’re lucky, we may go five months out of the year without snow. Schools in michigan have been told to extend days onto the end of the school year due to the excessive amounts of snow. That may sound crazy but it’s true! Some schools extend the end of the year three days to two weeks. Snow is a blessing to some, but it’s a curse to those of us in Michigan.

  Tim Allen’s voice echos through the halls of your house, “Pure michigan a place where families go to get away. Come and grab yourself a little piece of pure michigan….” If you’re a michigander that quote is familiar.