The ultimate guide to staying home for spring break


Sidney Kuyper and Mia Starkenburg

   The 35 degree weather of your gray, midwestern town really calls for a vacation. This is why so many people go to tropical destinations for spring break: to catch some rays and surf some waves. Unfortunately, for the select few who get to experience more cold weather, with a side of FOMO, our beds are calling our names. 

   Are you staying home for spring break like us? These are some super fun things we put on our list:


     1. Watch the sunset

Visit Holland State Park and take a look at the cloudy, gray sky, as the sun is moving over the horizon. Why need a tropical sunset when you can watch one right here in your hometown? The orange and pink skies you see on your friends Instagram stories are overrated when you can see a gloomy sky instead.


     2. Drive around aimlessly

Sightseeing is a must when you’re on vacation. So, to emulate the feeling of experiencing a new place, drive around your neighborhood sobbing, while listening to your playlist titled “The most depressing songs ever recorded.” You’ll get to experience sights that the people in Tampa won’t, like your neighbor’s dog eating its own poop, all while experiencing some vast emotions!


     3. Go to Target

Looking at all the cute outfits on Instagram can make you want a closet reset. Take a visit to your local Target. It’s cheaper than the little shops and boutiques you’ll see in Florida and South Carolina. I mean, do you really want that handcrafted dress, or would you rather have a super cute, poorly made, graphic t-shirt? Target seems like the better option to me. 


     4. Sleep 

School is so tiring, and spring break is the perfect time to get some rest. Take the opportunity to spend some time in your bed! Resort room service? Get your sibling to bring you breakfast in bed. 


     5. Sit in random elementary school parking lots 

If you’re feeling bored, and not sure what to do, a good option is doing next to nothing. There’s plenty of parking lots in Holland that are good for sitting around and relaxing in. Chilling on the beach? Overrated. Concrete and heated car seats? Sounds like a perfect night. 


     6. Get food

Trying something new can be exhausting and stressful, and eating at a new restaurant without knowing the menu ahead of time can be scary. Florida has hundreds of restaurants everywhere, but you never know what the five star rating really means. The same three restaurants you visit weekly don’t provide uncertainty. Why would anyone want to trade your usual order at Chipotle for the possibility of not liking your freshly fried lobster?


     7. Binge watch your favorite movies 

Vacation is always GO, GO, GO. You never get a chance to catch your breath. Grab a blanket, sit down on your couch, and watch a good movie. Mamma Mia and Teen Beach Movie are some good options; you’ll get to experience the breathtakingly beautiful tropical weather all while wallowing in your sadness. You could even watch it while taking a bath, making it feel like you’re basically in the movie itself.


     8. Throw your phone in the trash can and then give in and take it out again

If the TikToks, Instagram posts, and Snapchat stories are getting too hard to bear, just toss your phone out. Who needs social media? Is it really worth the pain to see what you’re missing out on? But honestly, living vicariously through your friends is something we all do, so take the device back out and scroll through the posts, resistantly liking and commenting on each one.


     9. Go to the gym

If you’re looking to get the FOMO off your mind and prepare for the summer, head to the gym and get your lifting on. Zoning out between sets in utter depression is just a minor drawback to getting your summer body. Walking around a beautiful foreign city can be hot, so go on the StairMaster instead.


     10. Cry

Lastly, we want to remind you it’s okay to be sad. Watching every single person on the planet get to go outside and tan with a UV of seven while you get a UV of three is not ideal. Let those emotions out, grab a box of Kleenex, eat that tub of ice cream and ignore number nine before getting ready to go back to school.