Spring Break craft recommendations

Spring Break craft recommendations

Mieke Vanderkolk


Make a blanket

I have done this several times. It’s a very easy craft that doesn’t require much skill, and can give you a useful end result.


You will need:




How to make a blanket:

Step 1: First take your fleece and cut it to the appropriate size, you can choose what size blanket you want.

Step 2: Lay it out in a large empty area like a living room and layer two pieces of your chosen fleece on top of eachother.

Step 3: Use sharp scissors, preferably fabric scissors, to cut about a scissors blade length every inch. Do this on every side of the blanket.

Step 4: Tie all the sides together by taking one strand of each layer of fleece and double knot them together.



-If you have patterned fleece you will want to lay the less vibrant/blurred side down so that the pattern can be seen on the outside of the blanket

-Choose two different colors or patterns of fleece so that it is easy to tell which ends you are supposed to be tying together. This also makes a cool reversible blanket.

-If you want to be able to get into the blanket like a sleeping bag, leave one end of the blanket open.

-Make sure to get the good deals at the fabric store, Joanne’s usually has 40% off of Anti-Pill fleece.

-If you are confused about how to do it, there are plenty of tutorials and videos on Youtube and Tiktok.


Sock heating pad

Heating pads are great natural pain soothers, and they don’t have to be fancy to do their job. A sock filled with rice will do the trick!


You will need:

-Unused clean sock

-Uncooked rice


How to make a sock heating pad:

Step 1: Fill your sock with uncooked rice until full, make sure to leave a little bit off sock so you can tie it off

Step 2: Tie off the end of your sock like you would a balloon. Make sure you tie it tight!

Step 3: Next time you have a stomach ache or other pains, heat up your sock in the microwave until it is the preferred temperature. Apply the heated sock to the pain.



Paint rocks

Although this craft isn’t as useful as others, it can make good house decor and is a healthy output for your imagination. If you can find a large rock, you could even make a door stopper!


You will need:



-Paint brushes

-Mod Podge (or some other kind of sealant)


How to paint rocks:

Step 1: First you need to collect or buy some rocks. Outside rocks will work just fine, just make sure to wash them off and dry them completely before painting.

Step 2: Pick an inspiration picture and pencil your design onto your rock. Choose what colors you want and where.

Step 3: Color in the lines you drew on with paint and let dry fully.

Step 4: Once the paint is completely dry, go outside and spray or coat the rock with Modge Podge. You will want to make sure to do this outside because of the fumes. This will make it so the paint doesn’t chip or wash away.


Photo Magnets

If you have a magnetic fridge, this craft is a must. Photo magnets can be used as decor and are useful for fastening all of your greatest accomplishments to your appliances.


You will need:

-Computer and printer

-Photos of your choice

-Flat backed glass beads



-Modge Podge



How to make photo magnets:

Step 1: Use your marble to trace a circle around your photo.

Step 2: Apply a thin layer of Modge Podge to the back (flat) part of your marble.

Step 3: Lay your picture face down on the Modge Podge and smooth it out with a paintbrush. For extra security, layer more Modge Podge on the back of the marble. Wait for the Modge Podge to dry thoroughly.

Step 4: Get your glue (preferably a hot glue gun) and glue a magnet to the back of the marble.

Step 5: Place on your fridge or other magnetic surface and enjoy!



Learn how to crochet

This craft requires a bit more dedication and initiative than others, but when done correctly it can produce wonderful results. This one is saved for last because it is the most difficult, but it is definitely worth it. Crochet creations can range from clothing to stuffed animals, it is a very malleable medium.


You will need:


-Crochet hook

-Tutorial book or video


There really is no explaining how to crochet, there are many different methods and it can be very difficult to learn initially. I recommend using Youtube tutorials, and not giving up. Good luck!