Detroit Lions – The motivation from the 2022 season

The Lions have one of their more accomplished seasons of Americas favorite game, football.

Joey McNutt

The Lions have one of their more accomplished seasons of America’s favorite game, football.

Joey McNutt

0-16, 5-11, 6-10. Three records that have shown up frequently for the Detroit national football team. From the 1930’s to present day, the Lions have never failed to disappoint their fans. But with a 9-8 record finishing up the 2022 season, could this season start the turn around for football in this city?

   The Detroit Lions only have 7 playoff wins in franchise history. The best record they’ve ever had was 12-4 in the 1991 season under head coach Wayne Fontes. They made it to their first recorded NFC Championship game, which has also been their last appearance. “I remember the 1991 Lions playoff run very vividly, which is most likely because of the fact that they don’t have any other playoff runs to remember,” seventy-one year old Bob Fisher said.

   In the 2021 season, the Lions finished 3-12-1, one of the worst records in the NFL. They were not expected to be much better this year due to limited changes to the team. The success of this most recent season was such a surprise, it brought some kind of positive energy in the atmosphere. It brought hope that a good Detroit Lions team would rise up and compete in the playoffs. “I honestly didn’t expect a lot from the Lions this season,” says Sr. Gavin Popp. “I didn’t even really plan on watching a lot of the Lions this year, especially with how they started, but after their huge win streak it honestly made me want to sit down and watch them play again.”

   “Detroit Lions Playoffs,” three words that were on the Twitter trending page four Sunday Night games in a row. After the Lions miraculous six game winning streak after starting the season 1-6, fans became excited as they realized the Lions had a chance of making the playoffs.

   The Prime time Sunday night football game on January 8,  the Green Bay Packers vs. the Detroit Lions, pulled in 23.4M viewers, making it the most-watched Sunday Night Football season finale in 6 seasons. This viewership average shows how many people were intrigued by the new and improved Lions team. While some can argue that the viewership peaked so high due to it being the last game of the regular season, the fact that this was the most viewed prime time game in six seasons backs up this claim.

   The 9-8 record is not the only thing that’s giving hope for a fulfilling future for the lions. For the 2023 draft in April, the Lions have secured a first round pick and a second round pick. While having to trade their franchise quarterback and sacrificing a top five tight end in the league, the Lions are in position to obtain two very good rookies.

   Much of this success can be attributed to their top rookie players as well as their second and third years. Rookie Aiden Hutchinson, the lead defensive tackle on the Lions, had three sacks as a defensive end, the most for a DE this NFL season. Along with Hutchinson being vile for the Lions defense, cornerback Jeff Okudah fended his own grounds as a second year after missing five games due to an Achilles injury, and rookie Kerby Joseph, a star safety, tying for 11th in the league with four interceptions on the year.

   Not only are fans excited and hopeful for the future of this Lions team, but so are the active players. “I just can’t wait for the next season man, this season was cut too short,” says Lions lineman Penei Sewell in an interview after the Lions final game of the 2023 season. “The Lions’ future is as bright as the sun. I believe that with my whole heart, I was truly a part of something special.” Along with Sewell being excited as ever to play for Detroit’s football team, second-year receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown shared similar words following up on Sewell’s interview. “Our young locker room, young guns and vets alike, is something extremely special,” St. Brown said to interviewers of the Detroit Press.

   With first and second round draft picks, elite young players who have their hearts set on taking Detroit football somewhere, and a head coach that is very likable, Dan Campbell, Lions fans across the country are excited and eager to see where this Detroit Lions talent takes the future of this franchise, hoping to make it to their first superbowl appearance ever.