A Smile a Day Keeps the Blues Away!

Aashi Chhabra

A smile has the potential to brighten up someone’s day. A nice “Hi! How’s your day going?” can show them that someone is actually interested in hearing about what went on in class today or what crazy stories a teachers told. A smile can effectively cheer up someone who’s had an absolutely horrible, no-good day. There are many students here at West Ottawa who are always up to turning someone’s day around with just a simple smile. One such student is Soph. Brynn Edwards. Edwards has many qualities and quirks to her personality. She is a bow tie and plaid shirt wearing-geeking out over shows-pineapple loving-anime watching-cheerful, extremely hyper, smiling 16 year old.

  Edwards is someone I’ve had the pleasure of knowing in my day-to-day life. I clearly remember the day our friendship started. We sat in the same group in history class and randomly made eye contact. One day, I asked her out of the blue, “Hey, aren’t we in the same biology class?” And she gave me full-blown 1000 watt smile and said “Yep.” And that was it. We were friends. Ever since, each time I’ve seen her, she has always greeted me with a bone-crushing hug or one of her huge smiles. She has a way of having anyone forget their worries and focus on a completely ridiculous topic. Like which fruit is better; pineapple or peach? What happened in the latest episode of American Horror Story (AHS)? I caught up with two of her teachers and a new friend whose life she has impacted with her optimistic outlook.

  Instructor Brian Kelly and Instructor Audra Bolhuis told all about how Edwards’ cheerful attitude makes a difference in the class room. Last Friday, some students might recall seeing a girl dressed in a costume that looked like a pirate’s but was in-fact a Steampunk Dummy Doll costume that Edwards put together herself. That very morning, she went to Bolhuis’s room to show her teacher the handiwork. “Brynn has been talking all week about her Halloween costume that she made by hand… She was really excited to show her handiwork to me!  I think this shows how creative Brynn is and how she is expressing herself through this chance to make her own costume.  When she arrived in my room this morning, I was surprised at the intricate detail of the dress she made and how it seemed to fit the young woman I’ve been getting to know in my classroom.  The dress was vibrant and unique, just like she is!  And she wore it with confidence and a huge smile.  Her coming to show me the product of her hard work really brightened my day this morning and I look forward to more opportunities like this with Brynn in my class.”

  Kelly on the other hand, had a short, but incredibly amusing comment to make that definitely didn’t fail to cheer me up when I imagined it! “I’ve gone years without performing the Turkey Dance.  Brynn taught me the moves within a matter of minutes.  Now I can’t stop Turkey Dancing,” he wrote. Well done Brynn!

 Not only her teachers, but even people she met this school year in classes have experienced Edwards’ smiles and optimism. Frosh. Kyra Wiersma befriended Edwards just this year, upon entering West Ottawa in one of her classes. “Brynn always cheers me up. She’s always happy and energetic and gives me hugs. She’s very sweet, too. She’s always there to help with my Digital Art stuff and always says Hi and talks to me after school and in choir,” stated Wiersma.

  With her exuberant personality, and huge smiles, it’s no wonder Edwards manages to spread happiness to everyone she comes in contact with during her day. Smiles are something everyone could use more of and every one of us could give more of.