We make THIS GUY rich!?

CJ Guillermo

File:AndrewTate.png - Wikimedia Commons
Image of Andrew Tate Picture Credit: Anything Goes With James English

“What color is your Bugatti?” Andrew Tate, a former kickboxing world champion and multi-millionaire, has taken the internet by storm and not for good reason. Tate is a dangerous and wealthy man who does not deserve the power people give him. Tate is a raging misogynist who sets a horrible example for younger, impressionable men and by viewing his videos we only make him richer. 

   The way Tate has spread his influence and made a hefty sum of money is through a pyramid scheme called Hustler’s University. Hustler’s University is a website/”online university” that costs $50 a month, and students are obligated to re-post clips of Tate online and get more people to join the university. A big theme in Hustler’s University is to create controversy. One of the guides directly states, “You want arguments, you want war.” All in an attempt to go viral so that more people click on the link, which only makes Tate gain more money. 

   Blowing up all over social media, name it, Tate has an influence on it. On TikTok alone, Tate has amassed 13.4 billion views. Tate doesn’t even have an account on TikTok, every video that gets posted is strictly by people who support him. These videos are reaching an unbelievable amount of people and having a horrible impact on younger viewers, who constantly watch Tate’s content because it pops up all over their feed. 

  When talking about how he made money after his kickboxing career, Tate has gone on record saying, “How can I use these women to make me money?”. When he saw that the pilot of his flight was a woman, he said “Most women I know can’t even park a car, why is a woman flying my plane?” Tate has gone on to say even more outrageous misogynistic lines, “I think the women belong to the man.” Tate constantly spreads other bad views and tries to spread a toxic message about masculinity and “how to be a man”. 

   These messages in the hands of a young male can be dangerous, because at a young age kids are very impressionable. Videos popping up over the internet can brainwash kids into believing that what he says is right. Young children lack the ability to find reliable sources, causing them to believe Tate, because he’s rich.

  I don’t understand how we, as a society, let people like this get rich and constantly spread their influence; it took MONTHS for Tate to finally get banned on all social media platforms and even though he is banned, there are still accounts spreading his messages and clips of him that are still getting thousands and even millions of views each day. His influence got so bad some schools had massive behavioral problems, specifically with boys treating the girls and even female teachers horribly, making them feel like nothing but an object. 

   How kids should avoid Tate’s influence is to report the videos or accounts posting the videos of Tate in hopes that the videos will be taken down and sooner than later, they will be off the internet. But that’s in a perfect world. Other solutions would be blocking related words to Andrew Tate, which can be done on Twitter and Facebook. With TikTok and Instagram, blocking the accounts that spread his content and or blocking the #AndrewTate will get rid of most of the videos from popping up on your feed. Parents can do this for their child as well on their social media accounts so that there’s no chance of his influence being spread further. 

   As a society, we have to be better. Every time we click on a video of Andrew Tate or view his content on social media, he is profiting from it and he’s only going to continue to profit from it if we don’t show restraint from wanting to hear what outrageous claim he makes. Even if he doesn’t make an outrageous claim, we still click on the videos in hopes of hearing something controversial to get upset about and then go complain about it online. 

   Instead of doing something to stop him from making more money, we inadvertently give him more attention and media presence, in turn giving him even more money.