Top Eight Most Embarrassing Moments from Teachers

  1. There is a video I show in the Anatomy course that shows the history of medicine from the year 1900 till the year 2000. It is a great video that reinforces almost the entire course curriculum. One segment, which gets shown to the class in the Cardio unit, shows a woman getting prepped for open heart surgery and for several seconds there is a bare female chest on the screen with iodine and surgical draping being applied. Back in the day, when we had to roll a TV with a VCR into the classroom, I would simply stand in front of the TV and “sensor” the scene. When we came to the new campus and we all had data projectors I attempted to use the same method to block the image. As I stood in front of the projector with my hand on my hips and elbows sticking out… the class erupted in laughter, I figured they just thought I was being prudish. Then one kid said “Myers- Look at your shirt– you are making the boobs look 3-D” I looked down at my chest and white shirt, was horrified at what I saw and quickly tried to cover the image with my hands, which obviously did not work, the class laughed even harder. Instructor Bob Myers
  2. One time, one of my students gave a speech about the ridiculousness of TV and movie ratings. Her argument was that the human body is beautiful and natural, and we should all relax about nudity. The backgrounds of all of her slides were Manga-erotica, with well-placed text boxes that kept her presentation just-school-appropriate. My supervising AP was there for my evaluation. I sat there, mortified, waiting to be fired, but nobody noticed because they were all fixated on my student’s almost-pornographic presentation. Instructor Ann Kirkendall 
  3. The day before a staff vs students basketball game at my old school, some students were talking trash to me in the hallway. I played along and returned the trash talk, then got down into a defensive stance to say that they would never score on me. But in doing so, my pants ripped from my belt all the way down to the inseam and part way down my left leg. There were tons of students around and the ripping made a loud noise. Luckily, this happened right before lunch so I was able to go home and get a different pair of pants for the rest of the day. The next day, when the student announcers introduced me before the game, they made the inevitable comment about my pants too! But I still had a pair of tear-away gym pants and ripped them off as they did to own the moment. Plus, the teachers won the game, so everything turned out fine. Instructor Kala Cohen
  4. My supervising AP stopped by to drop off a Pride Prize to one of my students. I happened to be showing a movie that day and, without checking the screen, I paused the movie for him to make his announcement. Unfortunately, I paused the movie in the middle of a nude scene, so my AP delivered his congratulations while standing next to a famous actor’s naked butt. Instructor Ann Kirkendall 
  5. Here’s an old saying you might have heard of. The phrase “Tom, Dick, and Harry” is a placeholder for unspecified people, most commonly meaning “anyone”. (Ask your grandparents). Well, anyway, one day I used this saying in a high school class, but got the order of names reversed… I sure wish I had had a mask to hide behind that day!!!
  6. I was taking a knee next to a student who had a question when the inseam of my pants completely ripped. Instructor Nate Townsend
  7. I had to kiss a live pig in the middle of a homecoming assembly :0 Instructor Brian Taylor 
  8. I was walking up stairs headed to my classroom after being in the LGI and I fell.