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Gigi Hadid’s Spicy Vodka Pasta

Evan Gerlach and Ava McBride

The chocolate is sticking together. The recipe said it should melt, but ours won’t. It just needs more heat. Still not melting, let’s turn up the stove. That’s better. Oh, some of it burnt. We can avoid that part. Wait, did we ruin the pan? Maybe cracking the egg will help. It hit the hard brick of chocolate and fried on the spot. What were supposed to be brownies were now scrambled eggs and burnt chocolate. Delicious.

   Celebrities rise to fame through their hard work, talent, or connections to high society. As they further their careers, a few have been compelled to share recipes. 

However, these stars are not renowned for their skills in the kitchen. We put four celebrity recipes to the test and rated them by time, preparation, and taste. 

Gigi Hadid’s Spicy Vodka Pasta 

Gigi Hadid’s Spicy Vodka Pasta

Time: 20 minutes to an hour, depending on ability to multitask while cooking pasta. 4/5

Preparation: A relaxed cooking experience including measuring ingredients and pouring them into the saucepan. Chop green onions and garlic, and of course, cook the noodles. But, the surplus of dishes is tiresome. Lots of measuring cups, cutting boards, pots, pans, and stirring utensils. 4/5

Taste: This dish is phenomenal. It had us filling our plates with second and third helpings. The creamy orange sauce is a refreshing change from the classic marinara or Alfredo. The more cheese, the better. It was a restaurant-quality meal in the comfort of our own home.   5/5

Tips: Adjust red pepper flakes according to preference and spice tolerance. The Parmesan cheese makes a major improvement, so do not forget to add it. Use low heat on the sauce, do not scorch it. Also, the recipe says take the sauce off heat once done, but we recommend keeping it on to prevent the dish from being room temperature. 

Conclusion: The supermodel outdid herself with this one. This is our favorite recipe and we will make it again. 

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Snoop Dogg’s Bow Wow Brownies

Snoop Dogg’s Brownies

Time: One hour. The brownies would have taken less time if we didn’t restart. 2/5

Preparation: Baking was not a dope experience. The chocolate mixture was nearly impossible to stir. It needed to melt and be smooth, but it wasn’t anywhere close. We added more heat, then cracked the egg into the pan. The chocolate had burned to the point of becoming its own stove top, and after cracking, the egg fried. After consulting experienced chef Kendra Gerlach, we restarted. There was just enough chocolate chips and after soaking the pan; we chipped the black brick of chocolate into the garbage. The second try went much smoother. You may have better luck with the recipe. 1/5

Taste: Very moist and fudgy consistency thanks to the bag and a half of chocolate chips. We needed to pair it with ice cream or chug a glass of milk to balance the rich flavor. Not significantly different from the typical brownie. 3/5

Tips: Stick to Snoop’s word and take chocolate off the heat. We suggest using a silicone spatula or a whisk for mixing instead of a wooden spoon. 

Conclusion: Just use the box brownie mix.

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Jessica Alba’s Turkey Meatballs

Jessica Alba’s Turkey Meatballs

Time: 30 minutes,but would have been close to 20 if the butter wasn’t a half-frozen brick. 4/5

Preparation: Finely chopping the vegetables was tedious work. Continuously flipping the meatballs in the pan for several minutes demands undivided attention. Not a complicated or lengthy experience, but tedious. 3.5/5

Taste: All of our taste testers savored Alba’s meatballs. The meatballs were impressively flavorful even while unaccompanied by any sauce or pasta. They are moist and the vegetable flavor is not as strong as expected. Unfortunately, one of us ate too many and now feels sick while typing this. Imagine Thanksgiving in a ball.  4.5/5

Tips: Honestly, Alba did a fine job with this recipe. Don’t stress too much about whether the chicken broth absorbs completely the first time. It’ll absorb more in the second stage. 

Conclusion: Very good. We want to combine it with Hadid’s pasta in the future. 

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Kristen Bell’s Everything Cookies

Kristen Bell’s Everything Cookies

Time: 45 minutes, including baking time. Would have gone faster had the butter been softened. Very quick. 4/5

Preparation: Extremely simple. 5/5

Taste: These cookies received mixed reviews from us and our taste testers, Kendra Gerlach and Ryan Gerlach. 

   “I’m just not a butterscotch fan,” Ryan said, confident in his analysis. 

   “I think he doesn’t like the nutmeg,” Kendra said, explaining her husband’s feelings for him. 

Some enjoyed the flavor complexity, while hints of apple or nutmeg, which gave the cookies a seasonal taste, threw others off. We often picked up raisin notes, although we included none. We felt like organic nepotism toddlers while consuming Bell’s Everything Cookies.  3/5

Tips: Soften the butter before adding it.

Conclusion: Not for everyone. Ideal if you enjoy essential oils, Whole Foods, or you wait until you “stink” to bathe. 

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As the adage goes, “A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.” Some of these celebrities made pretty good recipes, but others not so much. While Jessica Alba and Gigi Hadid proved to be more well-rounded, Snoop Dogg and Kristen Bell shouldn’t quit their day jobs.