WO Instagram: Not all bad

Lizette Medellin

Students from West Ottawa have been getting really creative and cozy during this cold season.        

Several students have created several Instagram accounts.

   This trend of students creating accounts for their school started on TikTok. Many people were left dazzled after the viral TikTok video of a boy saying “I have to keep my back straight so I don’t end up on my school’s bad posture page.” Which sparked ideas as well. Comments such as “I thought it was just my school” flooded the comment sections. 

Dozens of similar comments followed. Soon students from schools all over realized that their school wasn’t the only school that made anonymous school accounts. 

At West Ottawa Instagram accounts such as “panthers_who_can’t_park” and “WOaffirmations” were the top accounts students visited, both with over 600 followers. How these accounts work is after the account is made, students are welcomed to send in any picture of students according to what the account is called. Pictures are normally sent anonymously. 

After the post is made, students are encouraged to share the account and the post goes viral and laughter follows. I believe most of these accounts truly have no evil intention and are made for laughs and giggles. If anyone feels offended because they are in the post, students can easily inform the owner of the account to be aware and the account takes the post down. Students easily know they can contact the owner of the account because in the accounts bio’s, they say “DM if you want a picture removed.” (DM meaning direct message) 

Of course, some students took the idea too far, creating accounts that were unkind.

A new account called “WOrednecks” (@worednecks) was created. 

   One of the most popular posts had a picture with a very racist caption. The post was unacceptable. Many students were offended. 

The post was eventually taken down. Not only did the owners of the account disrespect religious beliefs but the owner refused to take down the post. So instead, students informed administrators, and action got done thanks to our responsible students and wonderful staff.

Accounts like “woshoes” (@woshoes) consist of pictures of students’ shoes while in the bathroom stall, which is invading privacy and makes some students uncomfortable to use the bathroom now, aware that someone could take a picture of their shoes. Accounts like “wosnitches” (@wosnitches) and “wofakepeople” (@wofakepeople) were created and the controversy sparked. 

I have created and shared which accounts so far have been the best and which have been the worst. This way, you can easily check them out and see if you agree. 

My list of top favorite accounts students from West Ottawa have made and why:


Categories ranked:


  1. West Ottawa Affirmations (@woaffirmations) ✰✰✰✰✰ (5 stars) 

  The Instagram account “WOaffirmations” is a hilarious account because the posts mainly consist of sarcastic and relatable sayings for WO students. “Inspiring quotes for your soul” is what the bio says. Posts include sayings like “I will make it to the north and south building in nine minutes.” During December Senior Survivors spirit week, one particular post that had more views said, “I will wear plaid pants even though I’ll look like every other person.” This is pretty funny since the majority of students wore plaid pants on Monday. 


  1. Panthers who can’t park (@panthers_who_cant_park) ✰✰✰✰✰ (5 stars)

   The account “Panthers who can’t park” is a silly page of students who parked way off or just students who don’t know how to stay in the parking line. Students find this hilarious and since most students are currently driving, some just want to park wrong so their car can be featured on the page. A very funny account with great pictures. 


  1. WO’s best fits (@wobestfits) ✰✰✰✰✰ (5 stars)

   The account called: “Wo’s best fits,” the word “fits” meaning “outfit” is a great account as well. This account pushes students to support other students’ fashion statements instead of bringing them down. 

   These three accounts are the best West Ottawa accounts made thus far and in my opinion, deserve five out of five stars. These accounts do a good job of spreading positivity and humor together. Check them out on Instagram and give them a follow! 

   The following accounts in my opinion deserve 1 or 2 stars out of 5.


Worst category: 

  1. WO’s shoes (@woshoes) ✰✰✰✰✰ (2 stars)
  2. WO’s snitches (@wosnitches) ✰✰✰✰ (1 star)
  3. WO rednecks (@worednecks) ✰✰✰✰✰ (0 stars)


 These accounts have not only passed a certain level of privacy but have disrespected religious beliefs and promoted bullying others online. Thankfully, these mean-spirited accounts mentioned have been deactivated. They no longer exist.

   These accounts have made students upset due to their posts, which have been taken care of now. The account that went viral at first “WO’s shoes” gives students a rating and judgment of their shoes. The shoe picture uploaded for their Instagram page is taken anonymously from the bathroom stall. This makes students uncomfortable because they feel uneasy about the fact that there could possibly be someone snapping a photo of their shoes while using the bathroom,  making some students feel like they have no privacy. The account WO’s snitches have made a poor social media environment where students think it’s valid to “promote cyberbullying and online threats to one another.” The account “WO rednecks” mocked religious beliefs, creating negative and hatred comments and reposts.

Those accounts made by West Ottawa students were intended to create a fun space where students from WO can relate and laugh at. To have these accounts deleted would be a shame since students appreciate the account’s work. To keep the accounts up and going, students should strive to keep a polite and safe space where we all can enjoy.