Senior Survivor day four: No friends in the industry 


Evan Gerlach and Ava McBride

Claire Vellinga (#coldcash4claire) and Jessie Servis (#jessieaturservis) lie on the floor outside the LGI room, exhausted. The days get harder and the game has become a test of endurance. The two have survived another elimination, but fellow survivors are saying goodbye. 

Sean Dummer (#Dollars4Doomer)

Dummer was one of two contestants to be sent home. Eager to leave, he was unavailable for comment, but Noah Boggs (#bucksforboggs) feels responsible. “I sold my soul to Jessie for the immunity idol. That’s why Sean got out,” Boggs said. 

Kellen Townsend (#kash4kellen)

   Townsend, the second survivor to be sent home, walked down a nearly empty hallway with Boggs by his side. Townsend clutched a speaker blasting “No Friends in the Industry” by Drake. He lifted the speaker up. “Use this for my quote,” Townsend said. 

“No friends in the industry

I had to draw the line between my brothers and my enemies, a fact”

   Townsend continued down the hallway, and let the music speak for itself. 

   Boggs shared concerns about being the only boy left in the game. “Gonna be weird to sleep alone with two supervisors,” Boggs said. 

No rest for the wicked

   The final four are showing signs of exhaustion. “We made it to the final four. The adrenaline is gone. I’m so tired,” Vellinga said.

   The contests did make it, but they had to cross lines to get there. Alliances were shattered and backs were stabbed. “I’m very hated. I’m a target. I sleep with a barricade,” Vellinga said. 

   Vellinga isn’t the only one feeling like this. “Everyone is very tense. You have to watch everything you say,” Servis said. 

   According to Kaitlyn Meyer (#kaitWINmeyer), the hosts have snubbed her at the eliminations. “I’m mad at Josh and Dani because at every elimination they announce my safety last. They need more variety,” Meyer said. 

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