Senior Survivor day two: “I’m so tired”


Evan Gerlach and Ava McBride

The first official elimination happened and the survivors are in shambles. Tuesday night they said goodbye to three contestants.

Emotional eliminations

Sierra Rodriguez (#racks4rodriguez)

Rodriguez admits she was “too cocky”, but is fine with going home. “This whole thing was very anxiety inducing. I miss my dog,” she said. 

Brady Taylor (#BucksforBrady)

Taylor also feels like he misplayed the game. “I’m kinda shocked. Compared to everyone else, I had as much money or more,” he said. But his strategy of saving money for tomorrow failed.”I used money when I shouldn’t have,” Taylor said. 

Zoebelle Bean (#Green$forBean)

Bean is not as distressed by the news. “Is it okay if I say I’m decent? I’m feeling good. Chilling. At least I don’t have to sleep on the floor,” she said.

However, she will be severely missed by her newfound best friend, Kaitlyn Meyer (#kaitWINmeyer). “I’ve only known her for one day, but I’m going to miss my best friend Zoebelle. My Zoe is go-ey,” Meyer said. 


The remaining contestants are struggling, to say the least.  

“I’m sore. I’ve been depressed since I got here,” Sean Dummer (#Dollars4Doomer) said.

“I feel like I might throw up. We’ve been eating a lot of junk food,” Gavin Hardy (#Gains4Gavin) said before taking another bite of pizza.

“I’m so tired. I don’t have any more money,” Angelina Onkeosy (#crazyrichangie) said. “She will not be here by Thursday,” Rodriguez said. 


One survivor has been noticeably missing for several hours a day. “I haven’t seen him since he turned his money in,” Instructor Kevin Klassen said about Kellen Townsend (#kash4kellen). “If he swam faster he might be back,” he said. Townsend was not available for comment. 

The living situation

Kaitlyn Meyer did not enjoy her first night. “I got three hours of sleep. I’m so tired. The showers are cold and the water is trickily. It took ten minutes to get all of my hair wet,” she said. 


Despite their discomfort, the survivors have earned over $14,000 for WinWo thus far. Keep donating to make sure your favorite survivor stays in the game!