Senior Survivor day one: Rising tension


Ava McBride and Evan Gerlach

“I wanted to cry at least five times today, but it hasn’t been that bad,” said Angelina Onkeosy (#crazyrichangie) about her first day as a survivor. 


  Onkeosy and other contestants were upset to learn that the night’s elimination ceremony was fake, and no one would be going home. 


Claire Vellinga (#coldcash4claire) was excited to spend the night. “I brought a one inch thin mattress, but I can still feel the ground. I also brought a weighted blanket,” she said. This confused Gavin Hardy (#Gains4Gavin) as this will push her further into the hard floor. 


Onkeosy and Brady Taylor (#bucksforbrady) were playing ping-pong when Taylor said he refused to lose to a girl, effectively angering every woman in the room. Kaitlyn Meyer (#kaitWINmeyer) sprinted to the confessional room upon hearing this. 

Taylor is very overwhelmed, claiming events are being dramatized and taken out of context.


Qdoba employee Sierra Rodriguez (#racks4rodriguez) is hoping to not receive catering from the Mexican restaurant this week. She misses her dog and hopes that her boss knows that she will not be coming into work.


According to an anonymous survivor, Jessie Servis (#jessieaturservis) is a major threat. Servis was not expecting to win any challenges and is very tired. “It’s hectic. No one knows what’s going on,” she said. The survivors have been sitting at a table for an hour while the teacher chaperones chat about their hometowns. 

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