Reflecting on the new phone policy

Reflecting on the new phone policy

Jeremiah Garcia

Growing up is realizing that the new West Ottawa High School phone policy is not that bad as it was hyped up to be when it was first introduced. In all reality not much has changed. Most teachers already have their own phone policy in place. Those rules and punishments differed from class to class of course but with the phone policy set in place, it sets a standard across the board. 

   After all, teachers are still letting students use their phones to certain extents in many classes. If a student finds themselves in a situation where they need to be keeping an eye on their phones, West Ottawa has passes that the teachers can give the students to use their devices.

So how is the student body responding to the phone policy set in place this school year?

In a poll of 440 high school students, they indicated the following about the phone policy.

   It is widely believed that when students are being distracting to the rest of the class or just completely ignoring the teachers’ instructions that students are more likely to agree with the phone policy here at school.

   “I believe in some instances getting your phone taken is fine. If you’re off-task, using it disrespectfully, or don’t comply with your teacher after a couple warnings. Getting it taken for texting your mom when to come pick you up though after school, or letting her know you’re staying after is extremely unfair to that individual.” Says an anonymous West Ottawa high schooler.

Students who disagreed with the policy seemed to disagree for two main reasons. The first reason is because they felt that their safety is jeopardized under the new policy.

 “One reason I would have to disagree with the phone policy when the teachers have to take the phones so we can use the bathroom, I disagree with this rule because for example, last week when we had the shelter in place lock down, or a real lock down, and a student is in the bathroom they would have their phone for whoever they needed to get a hold of, or to calm their anxiety that they are obviously going to have.” Says an anonymous sophomore 

    The other big reason that students can’t get behind the phone policy is that they feel that the school is overstepping. Many students believe that the school shouldn’t be able to take personal property. 

   “I personally believe that the school does not have the right to take anyone’s personal device, it is PERSONAL property.” Says an anonymous sophomore. 

   Overall it can be agreed that the phone policy does work but the punishment of taking the phone for the rest of the day is too severe. There are lots of calls for the phone policy to be changed or amended. 

“Overall the phone policy is here and it’s going to stay. I believe that there should be a new revised policy that is more fair to the students. I think  that if there is a revised policy with more relaxed punishments that still accomplishes the main goal that the teachers were trying to solve, students would approve of it more.” Says an anonymous junior.