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Trying all of Sluggos breadsticks

November 15, 2018 9:00am | Anika Seguin

“The Cina stix were life changing. My Sluggos order will forever be changed because of that day,” Jr. Greta Davis said. Sluggos. Breadstix. When high school students think of Sluggos, their mind goes straight to the breadsticks. Having fourteen variations, there has to be at […]

Girls can’t yell

November 9, 2018 7:49am | Mayzie Ruby, Ryann Schurman

The bleachers rumble with a low “Ohhhhhhh,” as fans await the kickoff of a rainy Friday night football game. The kicker, Max Voet, takes a few steps back and then charges forward. As he gets closer and closer to the ball, the low rumble becomes […]

The world is stacked against night owls

October 23, 2018 9:05am | Joel Scheneman

I hate it. I absolutely hate it. I hate mornings with all my might.  I’m just not wired to be an “early bird.” As each school week goes on, the struggle intensifies. Even with a cup of coffee and a splash of cold water on […]

Morning practice: harmful or helpful?

October 16, 2018 9:19am | Ayisha Afrik

Standing on the edge of the pool deck, my body reluctantly prepares itself for the inevitable temperature shock. As I put on my goggles, all I can think about is the warmth of my bed I grudgingly rolled out of at 5 am. The digital […]

Bring old school back

October 12, 2018 9:49am | Jevic DeVries

Hip-hop. The most controversial genre of music is only controversial due to the lyrics artists use. However, these “controversial” lyrics are what make a rapper so profound and distinguished. Although Tupac and Biggie are gone, there are still a few artists left that know how […]

The Afternoon Class Advantage

October 3, 2018 9:40am | Blake Pedersen

“Hey what was on the AP Lang test?” one student asked. Wednesday at 11:01 AM, some juniors discussed the latest test during A lunch.   These casual exchanges of information occur during lunch every test day. For students with a class later in the day, these […]

West Ottawan Satire: I deserve a rocket launcher

June 6, 2018 11:45am | Mac Strobel

After the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, John Daniel Davidson, who writes for The Federalist, floated the notion that there are things “more important than safety.”  I could only guess that he was referring to my intense and patriotic desire to be properly […]

Cell phones: Underutilized parental leverage

April 30, 2018 9:40am | Ben Hoey

“Get off your phone! This is the last time I’m going to ask nicely. Maybe if you weren’t on it so much, your grades would be better.” At one point or more in high school, teenagers hear some form of this line, either parents or […]

West Ottawan Opinion: Real news?

April 27, 2018 9:57am | Alec Behrendt

On March 8, the White House announced that President Donald Trump would be willing to meet with the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. American and North Korean officials are currently discussing possible dates and locations for a meeting; analysts expect the meeting to come […]

Why you shouldn’t vote selfishly

April 11, 2018 1:22pm | Cory Ives

Government is supposed to better society.  The decisions politicians make should be for the greater good, not just benefit a small handful of the population. Usually people agree that doing good for the large population is better than for just a minority. Yet, once a […]