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Is the American Dream still alive?

September 17, 2020 12:23pm | Kaylyn Aulick, Alyssa Karner

The American Dream is dead By kaylyn aulick Life coach Tony Robbins likes to say “Your past does not equal your future.” For many areas of life, he may be right. Family, relationships, depression, anxiety. They are all escapable. Maybe it takes time and effort, […]

I am privileged

July 6, 2020 12:20pm | Maddison Rose

“I can’t breathe,” he pleads as he is held on the ground, the pressure of the oppressor’s knee in his neck growing by the second; the pressure of a corrupt system soon leading him to his death.  “I can’t breathe!” they shout as they walk […]

My perspective: This age of politics

March 21, 2020 9:47am | Jocelyn Sweeney

Eleven Films released an ad following the impeachment of Donald Trump. The ad showed videos of Trump acting like a conductor during the National Anthem, mocking a disabled reporter, and throwing paper towel at a crowd in Puerto Rico with Adam Schiff’s commentary overtop.    […]

Where are Trump’s returns?

February 20, 2020 1:32pm | Jocelyn Sweeney

Online right now are tax returns from Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Ted Cruz, Jed Bush, Mitt Romney, and most other modern presidential nominees since Richard Nixon.  On May 20, 2014, Donald Trump said, “If I decide to run for office, I’ll produce my tax returns, […]

School size matters

February 20, 2020 1:23pm | Haleigh Neckel

In 7th grade, I was sent to a large school. I struggled with the idea of making friends in such a huge place. No one looked my way or told me about the school. I’d smile and wave only to receive a blank spaced out […]

Editorial Cartoon: We have an orchestra

January 15, 2020 6:33am | Jackie Roman

West Ottawan Satire: Climate change is a hoax

January 14, 2020 9:14am | Greta Davis

It is August 22nd, 2092.  Matt Turner jumps out of bed. Today is the day he leaves. He has to make the long journey from Greensborough, North Carolina, to Dallas, Texas, for the 2092 Republican National Convention. As an avid, traditional, wholehearted Republican, Matt feels […]

The problem with reading BuzzFeed

January 14, 2020 9:09am | Jamahl Hogan

There are a few things I believe of the human race. I believe we are intelligent. I believe we are mindful of our surroundings. I believe we are hopeful for the future and have aspirations to improve the lives of not only ourselves but of […]

Sophie Walsh: Best of the Decade

January 13, 2020 9:41am | Sophie Walsh

 Best of the Decade – From Sophie (2010-2019) Movies: Let me just start by saying, these are in my opinion the best movies I have seen in the past decade. I haven’t seen every academy award movie and am in no way a judge or […]

An example of respect

January 13, 2020 9:18am | Greta Davis

As my family lands in Auckland, New Zealand, we hear over the airplane speaker, “Kia Ora ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to Aotearoa, New Zealand! On behalf of our captain and crew, we’d like to thank you for flying with us today.” The words “Kia Ora” […]

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