Masks: The Way They Benefit Us

Kaitlyn Meyer

For months now, America has had to adjust to the piece of cloth that we have to put over our faces every day, everywhere. Sure it may help prevent the spread of COVID, but there are many other benefits.

Hiding Pimples
You wake up in the morning to look in the mirror and find the biggest pimple on your lip. But fear not, you get to go in public with a mask on today and no one will know it’s there. The mask saved you from the embarrassment or the worry about everyone seeing the big pepperoni that sprung onto your face overnight.

Replacement Scarf
We’re getting to that time of year where the temperatures are dropping and the snow is falling. Sure, you put on a coat, gloves, boots, etc. But what about your face? Scarfs get stuck in your coat zipper or they just fly off with the wind, and it’s not very reliable. A mask can keep those rosy cheeks warm! And this is the best part, all you have to do is breathe, and it will warm your face up in an instant!

Smelling Bad Things
You’re out Christmas shopping for your parents when all of a sudden you really have to use the restroom. The public restroom. On any normal year, you’d walk into the public restroom thinking that something died in there. It’s smelly and gross. But you’re living in 2020, the year of mask-wearing. Protect your nose from those yucky smells by wearing a mask when going to the restroom!

“Smile! Oh, you have braces?” Fear not, if you are self-conscious of how your teeth look or have braces then this is the year to be having work done on your mouth. No one will ever see your teeth in public. Or if you don’t even want to smile in the first place, just squint your eyes a little bit, a stranger will never know if you’re really smiling or not.

Because of masks, all people who do makeup only have to do half of their faces and can spend extra time working on their eyes. Benny Rathana, a makeup artist in Chicago, loves how much easier it is to wear a mask in public when it comes to his daily makeup routines. “It for sure saves time and it’s giving me a lot of practice flirting with my eyes.”

Is your younger sibling or family member bothering you while you’re on your second round of quarantine? With the power of masks, you can prove your anger to that annoying family member by hitting them with your handmade slingshot. Just put some kind of object (a tennis ball, thumbtack, or water balloon) in the mask, pull it back, and sling! (CAUTION: This action may result in grounding, scolding, being punished, yelling, or losing privileges).

Pony Tail Holder
You’re scrambling to get ready to go to the gym but your favorite hair tie is nowhere to be found. No need to fret, because you’re living in a pandemic and you have a backup mask in your car. Just take both of the loops of your mask and put your hair into a ponytail. Now you’re ready to get running and stop worrying.