WO Zone


Jared Arvidson

As the smell of fresh chocolate chip cookies wafted through the lunchroom, kids flocked into the WO Zone hoping to sink their teeth into a warm delicious cookie. No longer will you find this scene in the WO Zone. Many changes have come the WO Zone; due to healthy food standards, these delicious cookies are not allowed to be made anymore. After the cookies were taken away, the WO Zone went into a slump, and its popularity went down. However, over the past year, new products have flowed into the WO Zone. New merchandise has come, including Nike jackets, dry-fit shirts and sweatshirts, and copious black hole t-shirts. The WO Zone has also introduced Fro-yo, coffee, pizza, pop and many more food items that can fill one up for the day.

The store itself is also going through changes. The head of the school store, David Clark, is looking to restructure the store in the coming weeks. Clark is looking to bring in products that are meant for the winter months like pants, jackets, coats, and a favorite from last year: the black and white beanie hats. “ We are modernizing store features, and restocking merchandise,” said David Clark. In the coming months the WO Zone will be undergoing changes and these changes are going to make the store more appealing to students, staff, and visitors.

Feel free to stop by the WO Zone for a quick snack, refreshments, some delicious fro-yo, or some sweet looking clothing to show off your panther pride.