Trying all of Sluggos breadsticks


Anika Seguin

“The Cina stix were life changing. My Sluggos order will forever be changed because of that day,” Jr. Greta Davis said. Sluggos. Breadstix. When high school students think of Sluggos, their mind goes straight to the breadsticks. Having fourteen variations, there has to be at least one type that somebody loves.

   Every order starts with a base of a simple and plain breadstick, and then is covered in a crazy topping. Many people stick with the original breadsticks covered in Italian dressing, or go sweet with the dirt sticks, but what about all of the other flavors? I have always wanted to try all of the breadsticks at Sluggos, so why not just buy all of them and do it?

   Of course, I could not do this by myself. So, I recruited my five best friends and took a drive over to Sluggos. Since there are 14 different types of breadsticks for $3.25 each, it would cost a lot to buy all of them, so I got half orders of every order to reduce the price by a little bit. We ordered all of the breadsticks at once and they came out in about groups of five. We waited until all of the breadsticks came, laid them all across the table, and started to eat them flavor by flavor. After trying all of them, we put them in order from best to worst, and this was the outcome.

1. Pepper

The look: Sprinkled with pepper flakes, black pepper, and garlic

The moment I ate these, I knew I had found a new favorite order. These breadsticks are covered in red pepper flakes, black pepper, garlic, and butter. “The red pepper combines perfectly with the garlic and butter,” Jr. Collin Smith said. Dipping these spicy breadsticks into Italian dressing brings them to the next level. I never thought I would like an order of breadsticks more than the original ones, but I did.

2. Original

The look: Covered with Italian dressing

These breadsticks are a classic. I have met very few people who don’t like these breadsticks. These breadsticks are covered in Italian dressing, and as weird as that may sound, they are amazing. The moment I bit into these breadsticks, I instantly remembered why they were my favorite.

3. Syd

The look: Soaked with butter and parmesan cheese

The parmesan on these breadsticks is perfect. These breadsticks dipped in Italian dressing are amazing. These accurately represent a classic style of breadsticks that can be found at many pizza places. 

4. Dirt

The look: Crushed up oreos with icing

A classic Sluggos staple that everyone should try. If you love oreos or cookies and cream anything, these will be perfect for you. “They’re the best food ever. It’s like a dessert, but I can eat them as a meal” Jr. Mayzie Ruby said.

5. Cina

The look: Covered in cinnamon sugar and icing

The combination of cinnamon and sugar is classic, and these breadsticks live up to the legendary combo. These would be my favorite, but there was too much cinnamon. “I will order these all the time now,” Davis said.

6. Fruity pebble

The look: Crushed fruity pebbles and icing

These are amazing. If you are a lover of fruity pebbles, you will love these. The powerful flavor that the crushed fruity pebbles give brings these breadsticks to the next level. Eating these breadsticks is just like eating a bowl of fruity pebbles, but even better.

7. Peanut butter

The look: Powdered sugar and powdered peanut butter with icing

I love the flavor of these, but they were a little bit dry. I feel like I could definitely eat an entire order, but with lots of cups of water. “They’re so good and creamy. It’s like eating a peanut butter sandwich but warm,” Sr. Chris Guerrero says.

8. M&M pretzel

The look: Crushed M&M’s and crushed pretzels

These were very sweet. They taste exactly like if you were eating M&M’s, but I didn’t really get the pretzel aspect. “In general, I love M&M’s, and these breadsticks live up to my love for them,” Ruby said. These breadsticks are a great chocolaty option to choose at Sluggos.

9. Pumpkin Pecan

I thought these were so good, but they’re limited time only for fall and winter. If you’re in the mood for fall, these will be great for you. Although these tasted very good, I probably could not eat a whole order of them since they were so sweet. I did not taste very much pumpkin or pecan, but whatever I was tasting, it was good.

10. Cinnamon Almond

These were not too bad, but they honestly didn’t taste like much at all. The cinnamon was very strong, too overpowering. These breadsticks were such a let down because I love cinnamon and almond, but these flavors did not pull through very much. “These breadsticks were forgettable,” Smith said.

11. Sprinkle

The look: Rainbow sprinkles and icing.

These tasted exactly how you think they would; like breadsticks covered in icing and sprinkles. These were very sweet so it would be very difficult to eat a whole order, but they really were not that bad. These breadsticks would be a great sweet treat to split at the end of a meal at Sluggos.

12. Coconut

The look: Coconut flakes, powdered sugar, and icing

I was very excited for these breadsticks because I love coconut, but they disappointed me. They did not taste like coconut at all,  just like powdered sugar and icing. I would not recommend getting these.

13. Maple oatmeal

The look: Maple icing, crushed oatmeal, and powdered sugar

I didn’t think that these were that bad, they were just very powdery. The maple icing was very nice, but the blended oatmeal was too overpowering and made my mouth very dry. The taste was nice, but the dryness held me from eating even a whole breadstick.

14. Lemon poppy seed

The look: Powdered sugar, poppy seeds, and icing.

Looking at these breadsticks, I already wasn’t impressed. They  were just covered in powdered sugar and icing, and that’s exactly how they tasted. There was no lemon flavor at all. These were definitely the worst breadsticks.