Dance proposals: Marriage or a high school dance?


Matt Scheneman asks Emily Nightingale to Homecoming with pizza.

Cole Hook

When asking a girl to a school dance, the question many nervous guys are met with is “How are you gonna ask?” Unfortunately, the word “proposal” has shifted from asking for one’s hand in marriage to requesting the accompaniment to a high school function. 

  Ridiculous gestures such as asking a significant other to Homecoming at halftime of a football game have won over the hearts and dreams of girls and raised the standards for the poor guys.

  In the past, one might have seen this type of extravagant effort when asking for one’s hand in marriage; now, the same level of thought and preparation is expected when asking another to a high school dance. “[Girls] enjoy when guys take time out of their lives to do something nice for us. It’s fun and exciting to be surprised, and the more creative, the better. To be real, creativeness and spontaneity are attractive,” Sr. Kennedy Sauer said.

  My advice? Keep it simple, guys. Flowers are great. Look dapper. Be smart, be thoughtful, but don’t go overboard. Remember, you are only asking her to a dance, not to spend the rest of her life with you.