Star Wars done right


Matt Butts

If I randomly select a shirt from my closet it will have no chance of not being Star Wars themed. I have been a huge Star Wars fan ever since I was four years old. I know how the new Star Wars films should be presented. As some may know, Star Wars Rogue One will be released this December, and a new film will be released each year until 2020, and possibly even longer. These films include the final two episodes, and three or four others featuring untold stories of your favorite characters. I can say that this is a dream come true, but Star Wars will need to be enjoyable to me and the viewer. Star Wars should not be thrown out just for money.

A major way to make each new installment enjoyable would be to keep the film as true to the originals as possible. The writer should not add anything that would not fit with the films. They’d need to reshape it into something new, but never get rid of what the story is based on. You can’t have a Star Wars film without the light side versus the dark side, space dogfights, cliff hangers, and relations between characters. Having characters that viewers have seen before would make the film even better. So far, Rogue One seems to be doing well, especially with Darth Vader’s return.

Obviously, character personality would affect how people see the movies. The characters of Star Wars need to be serious. We do not need another Jar Jar Binks. Star Wars can have comic relief, but it should be based around multiple characters and not be thrown all on one character. It needs to be done correctly like in The Force Awakens. The new writers need to make sure that their characters have a purpose in the story, because it’s what viewers spend their money for. Viewers do not want to watch a character that does nothing but take up time. The writer could fill up that time with more important things, like character development or plot development.

Everything about the original trilogy is amazing; these films were the basis of what we love about Star Wars. Specifically, the greatest parts of Star Wars would be its characters. Each protagonist is lovable, and villains are feared. The story is dramatic and adventurous; while having plot twists so secret that only George Lucas, Mark Hamill (Luke) and Jame Earl Jones (Voice of Vader) knew about Vader’s true identity before the release of The Empire Strike Back. In the new films, the plot twists should not be obvious. They need to shock fans like the viewers of the 80’s.

The Star Wars films are one of the best longstanding creative series ever made. It has everything in it that people love to watch because it can easily fit into their favorite genre list. Writers will just need to make sure that they continue to do what is best for Star Wars, and not go down the dark path that leads to the dark side. “Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny…” -Yoda

For readers who would like to know release dates.

Dec. 16 2016: Rogue One

Dec. 15 2017: Episode VIII

2018: Han Solo

2019: Episode IX

2020: Boba Fett